Harvest Spread

The way food is presented has a huge effect on how we perceive it to taste.It may all be in our heads but we simply cannot help that a wonderful looking spread makes us believe it is also a wonderful tasting spread. Well we may not be able to help you with the cooking part, for that you are on your own! But we can help you with making your harvest feast look amazing!

These projects are all based around a cornucopia or “horn of plenty” file plus several other files pulled from our library. There is a centerpiece, place tag, napkin ring, dish mat, and recipe hanger. All together they combine to a very stunning theme for your big dinner.  We hope you enjoy the cutting files, instructions, and supply lists and we hope you have a wonderful holiday! Make sure to check out the gallery for more closeups of these projects and to see the full recipe hanger as it is quite long!

Place Tag Supply list and Instructions

Place Tag Cutting File

Recipe Card Supply List and Instructions

Recipe Card Cutting File

Centerpiece Supply List and Instructions

Centerpiece Cutting File

Napkin Holder Supply List and Instructions

Napkin Holder Cutting File

Dish Mat Supply List and Instructions

Dish Mat Cutting File




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