Winter Branch

I have a feeling that most of our Pazzles friends are out shopping on this day-after-Thanksgiving. I personally avoid shopping on Black Friday and decorate my house for Christmas instead. I thought it would be fun to have a little treat for all of you faithful ‘Pazzle People’ who visit the website on what would otherwise be a very slow day.

On Tuesday, I shared with you a Love Birds cutting file I created from an advertisement that inspired me. Today I would like to give you the cutting file for this Snowy Branch. It is also inspired from some of the advertising arriving at my house daily.

The branch would be the perfect perching spot for the Love Birds. Or use it as a page topper and hang ornaments or snowflakes from it. This branch is very versatile and could also be used (without the snow) to hang hearts from for Valentines day.

Whatever way you choose to use the branch, I hope you have fun with it! Have a great weekend and see you next Tuesday!!


Click here to download Snowy Branch Cutting File




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15 thoughts on “Winter Branch

  • sharon nevius

    Thank you for such a versatile cutting file! I too avoid Black Friday shopping and am enjoying many of the sites I have bookmarked for a later view. How peaceful!!!
    Sharon (Shash)

  • Melinda Barker

    You are not the only one to stay home and decorate! We do the same here in CA … Thank you for the great file…makes me want to break out and start singing…. ” It’s begining to look a lot like Christmas”….. he he …THANK YOU!!!! Have fun decorating!

  • angie contreras

    This is beautiful chris, I usally do go through all the black friday shopping but not this year. My oldest son got selected for a tournament and I wouldn’t miss out on this special moment for anything in the world. Leaving now for the second game today. Thanks for the beautiful file.

  • Victoria Kee

    I was out there with my sister-in-law and husband. Crazy! She was trying to shop for her family and we are here in Punta Gorda visiting, so we went along to keep her company. I did get a great deal on a crock pot though..mine had been waning. So, it was a nice surprise to come back here, fire up my laptop, and find this beautiful file. I am sure that I will find many uses for it!

  • Sheila Arendse

    We here in South Africa dont celebrate thanks giving but I think we have so much to give thanks for here. But I do enjoy how everyong overthere gets so involved I would love to experience a thanks giving. The spirit must be awsome. Well I suppose the only way for that is to come and visit during thanks giving.

  • Linda C Wilson

    This branch is really pretty, I can think of many uses for it. I like the idea of hanging ornaments on it.

  • Lynn Burbidge

    Although in the Uk I have been lucky enough to be there for Thanksgiving, so hope it was great for everybody. Love this branch, can be used any time of the year. Incidently we also have about 6″ of snow.