You Rock Pop Rocks

Pocket holder perfectly sized for pop rock packets This rocking valentine is perfect for tweens and teenagers who would rather not be overly “cutesy”. Slide pop rocks in the back pocket to complete the treat!

Estimated Paper used: 12 valentines per 4 sheets of cardstock

The file has been saved as a single if you just need one, or has been formatted to cut so that you can cut multiples at once easily. The files for cutting multiples have pieces sorted by color and different colors may be in groups off to the right of your cutting page. You will need to move these items on to your page when you are ready to cut out that color.


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17 thoughts on “You Rock Pop Rocks

  • angie contreras

    Love each and every valentine Great job ladies and thank you for all of these amazing files.

  • Brenda Adams

    Christy I’m in the same boat as you. My kids or soon to be 19 and 17, but I wish the Pazzles machine was out when they were small. Now I will have to wait many, many years before the grandkids. Let hope it’s many many many years.
    Great card though!

  • ashley morrison

    hi thank you for these i usuallyhave to make my little girl and her friends small gifts like this with sweets or chocolate for valentines.

    you have saved me a job!

  • Loretta Mateik

    I don’t have small children either, but I’ll find some way to use these absolutely adorable Valentine’s cards………

    Thanks for the lovely files……

  • Victoria Kee

    You are a Godsend! I was contemplating what to do for the grandchildren. Instead of the candy, I am going to substitute Valentine’s Day pencils and include decorated mini notebooks! Thanks!

  • Victoria Kee

    I just noticed the owl! Though I won’t use him for now, he will be perfect for Halloween next year. I might make these ahead of time and then they will be ready! Again..thanks!

  • Marzetta Swearengen

    I love the valentine cards, my two grand son’s love to scrape book with me so I know they will love making these to take to school. Thanks for sharing

  • Phyllis Weaver

    It will be fun to make these for my Grandchildren this year. I thing they will like them they are so great!