Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from everyone at Pazzles! Unfortunately the boss wouldn’t let us take part in green beer during work hours (something about we were strange enough sober or such nonsense). So we decided to have green cake instead! Maybe, if you are lucky, there will be more cakes in your future but that’s all we are telling you for now!

If you missed our St. Patrick’s Day projects we posted last week, make sure to take a look at them by clicking here!




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4 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  • angie contreras

    OMG!!! Hope it’s what I’m thinking… I’ve just recently taken all three wilton cake decorating courses and I’m in love with cake decorating!! well aside from all my love for paper crafting LOL!! I’ve had several orders for cakes and I’m having soo much fun ,but not as much as I would be having if I could use my inspiration for all those fine details. The ideas are all there. Can’t wait to see if I’m right!!

  • Victoria Kee

    What a pretty cake. Gee….hmm…I wonder how you got such perfect shamrocks. I know that there a a chirping machine that makes those..but you would never do that….unless…could it be?! REALLY? A whole new realm of possibilities are on the horizon, huh? 🙂 Good luck with this new unspoken of possibility. Can’t wait to see it unveiled. I share Angie’s excitement.

  • Stacie Shindorf

    what i find humorous about the whole cake thing with the chirping machine place is that their board members were doing it LOOOOOONG before – same machine re-purposed and now you can spend more money with them – lame. But I suppose most of you knew that. Anyhow I have always wanted to try this but I’ve always been nervous about running the material through my machine, and warranty and etc. I’ve never worked with fondant before I just figured it would just shred and not cut – but I guess the rest of you have figured it out. Will we have a video on this or some sort of direction on settings, etc?