Beautiful Gift Set

This beautiful gift set was made by craft room member Tarabrown and submitted for the March challenge (if you haven’t heard about our new awesome challenges make sure to check them out by clicking here!). She started with a gift card (bottom picture) using the pattern provided from one of our projects. You can check that project out by clicking here. Here’s what Tarabrown had to say about her project…

“I started by choosing the gift card holder project, but then expanded the project to include a card to place the gift card holder in, and ultimately, an 8-inch square 4-drawer box to place the card onto. I enjoyed the videos for faux stitching (pen tool), embossing, and making pockets, and incorporated all those into my project. For strength, the entire box/drawers are lined with thick chipboard pieces which were precisely and easily cut with the Pazzles. The frame on the box top is a Monica Bjork cutting file but everything else except for the flowers and their greenery came from the great Pazzles library.”

I am sure you will agree that tarabrown’s project is absolutely stunning. I love all the attention to detail and the elegant vintage feel of the entire project. Tarabrown I cannot wait to see more of your work and thank you so much for sharing this project with us! Make sure to check your email for your gift!




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11 thoughts on “Beautiful Gift Set

  • Victoria Kee

    This is gorgeous. I am so happy to see that new people are participating in exhibiting their work and ideas….this is just one example of the talent that is permeating in this Craft Room. Well deserved!

  • Elizabeth Graham

    I am in awe, this is amazing, it would have made a fabulous Mother’s Day gift. There’s just too little time left now to re-create it. Thank you for the inspiration, well done.

  • June Smith

    Absolutely beautiful, it looks so intricut and anyone would be so grateful to receive such a gift. I can’t wait to have a go and create it, I assume that you used the 4-draw box from the pazzles cutting files. I suspect that there are lots of crafters going to have a go at making this. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  • Tina Hewitt

    I absolutely love this. Do you mind me asking what cut file you used for the box? If it is a Pazzle file I can’t seem to find it. Thank you.

  • Tara Brown

    Thank you all for your gracious comments!
    June and Tina, I made all the box components using the Pazzles capabilities after watching the tutorial on making boxes. I will check with the Administrators about posting the cutting files. Thanks again!

  • Tina Hewitt

    That’s awesome. I am learning more and more about my machine each time I “play”. I certainly appreciate you sharing the file if possible.

  • Katherine Lawson

    I have had a very busy winter and haven’t had time to use my Pazzles. I finally checked in today and saw this. It is really gorgeous. You are so talented!

  • Margaret E Breiter

    absolutely stunning is right. Wow, this inspires me to create 3-Dimensionally. Thanks and Congratulations