Watermelon Mini Album

Watermelon Mini Album Watermelon Mini Album
Summertime is the time for picnics, family reunions, BBQs, etc. and with those events, there is almost always my favorite VEGETABLE and FRUIT (yes, it is considered by many to be both)… WATERMELON. In addition to loving the way it tastes, I love the memories that are attached to it for me from my youth. Whether it was putting it in a net and tying it off so we could put it in the river to keep it cold, or the actual first time I got to see a watermelon bust (they actually dropped it in the middle of the table and it made a yummy mess) or making watermelon balls for grandma’s salad. I have always associated watermelon with summertime fun.

So with watermelon being the common theme in so many summer things, I wanted to create a watermelon mini book. My initial idea for this came from Isabelle from France, that I met while I was in England at the Pazzles Retreat sponsored by Oyster Stamps. She emailed me this adorable idea, and when I saw it I saw a watermelon. You can see they gave ideas of how to cut it and create the look you want, but of course, I found a much quicker and easier way to do it with my Pazzles Inspiration Software and Machine. Also, notice that I chose to bind mine on the side, but as you can see, you could bind yours from the top as well. Thanks Isabelle for the great idea. I hope you enjoy creating this album as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.

Here is the recipe and cutting file for this project!

Watermelon Mini Album Recipe

Watermelon Mini Album Cutting File




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6 thoughts on “Watermelon Mini Album

  • pinkalicious

    This album is making my mouth water! I love the shape, colours, ribbon and journalling pockets which make this such a FABULOUS project Klo!

  • Victoria Kee

    Okay, the first one was a very pretty book…but you (Klo) saw a watermelon and it is very pretty too! I love watermelon. The funny thing is that when I saw this shape, in my mind, I saw a megaphone. I have a granddaughter who is a cheerleader with a birthday coming up. Thanks for passing this along!

  • Isabelle BAYON

    Many thanks Klo for this nice version and all the useful files. I’m glad you liked this idea and hope everybody will take the benefit of your good advices of how to do it so easier with our Pazzles machine.

  • Jessica Leach

    I just started making my first watermelon mini album. I have been having problems cutting out the words. I was just wondering for us new users if it would be possible for you to put what speed and pressure and where your blade is positioned (3,4) in the recipe of the project. Thanks so much for the cute project and I am so excited to finish it. 🙂