Mad Scientists!

Happy Halloween!! We hope you are well prepared for a night filled with trick or treaters, scary movies, adorably spooky costumes, and of course candy! Here at Pazzles we thought we’d celebrate Halloween by sharing our mad scientists with you. Many of you know myself, Tatum, Chris, and Klo well because of our participation in blogs, classes, support, and forums. But there are a few more Pazzles staff lurking around taking care of behind the scene jobs like website, software and firmware development, maintenance and repairs, shipping, and more. I often refer to them as “the techie guys” but I think the term “mad scientists” applies quite well. In fact after seeing them at the Pazzles Retreat I don’t think I can think of them as anything else! For those of you who were not at the retreat, our mad scientists Pete and Cris came in for a day to work their scientific magic on the attendees’ machines. Inspirations flooded in to their “laboratory” looking a little uh…”well loved” and a few hours later came out looking like brand new machines. These guys are pretty awesome even if they are a little crazy 🙂 Allow me to introduce Pete and Cris – our crazy and loveable mad scientists.

Thanks to Luann here they are after a little Pazzles transformation, get this cutting file in the library!




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