Fancy Heart Frame

My first Valentine was a Garfield heart balloon and a paper bag filled with conversation hearts – a gift given to me by my 5th grade admirer on the bus ride home from school when I was in 3rd grade. I will never forget finding that gift on my bus seat. Naturally I would have assumed that the sentiment was for someone else, but nope, that seat was clearly marked with my name. Since there was only one Tatum and one starry eyed kid who winked, and smiled at me 2 rows up, I knew it had to be from him. So that night as I stepped off the school bus he grabbed my hand and said I love you, will you be my Valentine Tatum? Eek! What was wrong with this boy? How was he not informed he had cooties?! I was a shy little girl and for as flattered as I was on the inside I remember running off that bus, and quickly trying to stuff the Garfield balloon in my backpack before I walked in the door from school. My mom realized I must have been hiding something so when I finally showed her my Valentine gift she smiled and immediately asked if I had said thank you. Didn’t she know I had to get off that bus as quickly as possible?! Of course I didn’t say thank you! However, to this day I still think of my secret admirer every Valentine’s Day. I never talked to him again but guess what? I still have the heart balloon. I guess it goes to show that some Valentine memories never fade. Hopefully with this beautiful card you can give someone special a memory that will stand the test of time just like my Garfield balloon.

Here is the recipe and cutting file for this valentine! We have included the cutting file for cutting just one valentine, or a file that is set up for cutting multiple valentines at once for easy mass producing!


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