Fitting Text to Path (April 22 & 23 Classes)

We will be Fitting Text to Path this week, both for use with the Pen Tool and for cutting out fun. For those that have the Pro 2010 software, we will also be Fitting Object to Path.

In the Monday 5am CST class, I will also show you had to change the strip on your machine and do basic maintainence for your machine.

Be sure and join us for class on Sunday at 7pm CST, Monday 5am CST or Monday 1pm CST. Check out the Time Zone Conversion Chart, if you aren’t sure what time that translates to you. To join, simply go to Klo’s Classroom and Enter Classroom. You will join as a guest.




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5 thoughts on “Fitting Text to Path (April 22 & 23 Classes)

  • Michelle Elliman

    Hi Klo, I don’t know if I am having trouble with my laptop or I have my times wrong but I can’t get into this evening’s class!!

    Irishgal (Michelle)

  • Pepper Paden

    I am so upset…been trying to get into this class! Did it on my daughter’s PC several weeks ago, but no luck at home. I keep getting the message “The procedure entry point NTAlpSendWaitRecievePort could not be located in the dynamic link library nttdll.dll” and I have to idea what to do!!

  • Klo Oxford Post author

    My apologies, I had technical difficulties. (it started in the earlier Monday class and apparently the computer gremlins followed) I think they have all been sorted out. I posted on Facebook and the Yahoo Groups and I apologize for not posting here too. I was just frustrated with my computer, so I forgot to post here.

  • Michelle Elliman

    That’s okay Klo, don’t worry about it. I thought the problem was at my end. I hope everything is sorted for you now. Thanks for getting back to me.


  • Pepper Paden

    I hope I can get on next week – 🙂 I guess I better find you on Facebook and find the Yahoo group. I know I’ll watch the posted class tomorrow!