Paper Clip Flags


Did you know that you own a money-making machine? Well, ok, it doesn’t MAKE money but it sure can SAVE money! It doesn’t take long to realize that the Pazzles Inspiration can make almost anything in the paper craft section of the craft store. I cannot even count the number of times I have put something into my shopping cart only to realize I can make it myself for a lot less. Today’s Money Saving Trick is a perfect example.

These little paper clip flags are so cute and make a fast accent to cards and scrapbook pages. I can buy 8 pre-made clips from the store for $4.99. That’s 62 cents each. It doesn’t sound so bad put like that but I can make my own for virtually nothing. I have paper clips already or I can buy 100 for a dollar. I can use scraps of paper I have on hand so there is no cost in that either. Glue: minimal. Cutting Time? Done in a flash. Hmm … 62 cents or 2 cents … I think there is no question about which option to choose!

To make these cute flags you just need to design the shape you want. (I made flags and hearts.) Make sure the shape is small enough to fit through the paper clip. Next, make a duplicate copy of the shape and mirror it down. Move the shapes apart no more that ¼ inch. Now, draw a small rectangle to overlap both pieces. The rectangle needs to be narrow enough to fit in the top curve of the paper clip. Weld the three pieces together and cut out. To assemble: pre-fold the piece and open back up. Slip through the clip prior to gluing, this prevents the glue from smearing on the clip. Apply liquid glue to one side of the tab and make sure you get a little on the curve of the clip. Fold together to finish.

Download the cutting file below for the two flags I created. I also included the pieces before welding so that you could see how they are constructed. These were so fast to create and cut. I can make a bunch ahead of time to use whenever I need just a little pop of color and design.

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13 thoughts on “Paper Clip Flags

  • Tiffany McCreedy

    I saw these paper clips and thought they were so cute. I had them in my basket (had gift card for b-day)and when it came down to purchasing them, I just couldn’t do it. I came home and made my own and I’m so glad I didn’t buy them and used the money to buy paper cause one can never have too much paper! I love your flags and hearts!

  • Sharalee Lee

    Pazzles is so endlessly amazing. I am always finding new ways to create with it and it saves me tons on embellishments and alphabets. Doesn’t save me any on paper though. 😉

    I go crazy making embellishments every couple of months out of my scrap paper and cardstock. I make quite a few of these type embellishments.

    I love this machine. It is so awesome!

  • Vijaya Gumparthi

    I had put this in my shopping cart as well but just couldnt justify buying it!

  • Judith Bettencourt

    Many years ago, I hand cross stitched paper clip bookmarks for a fundraiser for my son’s class. What alot of work for something we sold for a $1.

    I wish I’d had my Pazzles back then

  • Marina Armodie

    I have just made some to try out. What a great little idea. I haven’t seen them in Australia yet, or maybe I’m not looking in the right places. I have only just got my Pazzles and am trying different papers and settings at the moment. What a fun way to learn making these clips.

  • Victoria Kee

    I have made these before too. So much cheaper…and everything matches this way. But, as I was looking at the photo, I was struck with the idea that we could do this with alphabet letters if the stems are straight. I might give it a shot!

  • Kesha Jones

    I just ordered my pazzle and havent received it yet, but when I do this will be my first project! I need tons of these for my readings for class!! I think I’m going to love this little machine:)