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Do you realize what a fantastic resource our Craft Room Library is? The images there are not just for cutting out of paper. They can be used in so many different ways! Today’s 15 Minute Project is the perfect example of how versatile the designs are. In a very short amount of time you can make some amazing spooky transformations to photos of family and friends.

Photo-Frames-With-Mustaches-and-Vinyl-Halloween-Portrait-MakeoverThe photo frames are a great way to add a little bit of fun in unexpected places. Add vinyl mustaches and hair to framed photos you already have on display. Then wait to see how long it takes for family to notice that you have transformed your little monsters into… well, little monsters.

If you prefer, you can find vintage photos online, print them out and put them into inexpensive frames. Add vinyl frame borders and mustaches to them. This is reminiscent of the pictures hanging in haunted houses. I think it would be fun to drape some fake cobwebs from them too!

You can also make goofy Halloween cards very quickly in the Inspiration Studio Software. I made one featuring three of my granddaughters. Each girl has her own witch hat plus witchy shoes and stockings. I created a simple title and rotated it sideways to fit the card. To add dimension, I cut the Bat out of paper and used pop dots to add it to the card.

Best-Witches-Mustaches-and-Vinyl-Halloween-Portrait-MakeoverTo make your own personalized Halloween card, open a new page in the Inspiration Studio Software. Under the View menu choose Show Printer Page. This will add borders indicating where you should place your design in order to print properly. Import your picture into the software. Size it to fit on a card. Then look for images in the Craft Room Library to use as accent pieces. Layer the images directly on top of the photo, resizing and rotating when needed. Once your card is designed, go to the Print Preview which can be found under the File menu. In Print Preview you can see whether your photo is in the proper position. Print your newly transformed photo on photo paper and layer onto a card base. This is a really fun way to add some silliness to a photo!

The frames used in today’s projects can be found in the Craft Room Library by searching for Frames. The Mustaches are in the Odds n’ Ends category. Of course, the monster hair, eyes, witch’s legs and hats are all in the Halloween folder which can be found in Holidays.

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9 thoughts on “Spooky Picture Transformations

  • Klo Oxford

    I think it would be great to use window cling as well…then you could use them from year to year….LOVE THIS IDEA…so fun

  • michellep

    It is called Standing Mirror and is found in the Household:Furniture section. You can do a search for Frames to find all the possible choices. Hope that helps!

  • Christine Post author

    Vicky, that is so funny! Of course, I was thinking the same thing with elves!! I think those telepathic vibes are transmitting between Florida and Idaho again. 🙂

  • Sharalee Lee

    This is too sinkin’ cute. I love the transforming peeps into elves at Xmas or even bunnies at Easter, or pilgrims at Thanksgiving. OMGoodness! I’m going to have to do this now. I think I’ll start with Thanksgiving. Such a clever idea.

  • Dana Frakes

    Thanks Michellep!! Don’t know how I missed it, I looked right past it!! Shouldn’t have missed it when it was first posted. Thanks again.