Inking and Chalking Tips

Thanksgiving Place Cards Turkey and Pumpkin

Cutting out amazing images in any color, shape and size: isn’t that the magic of the Pazzles Inspiration electronic cutter? I can cut paper shapes and combine layers, colors and textures to create a visual feast for the eyes. If you stop with the paper and glue you have a great project. However, if you want an amazing project you need to move beyond the paper. You can add depth and character by inking or chalking the paper to add shadow and highlights. Suddenly, like magic, the flat pieces of paper have curves and dimension.

In today’s tutorial, Michelle and I show you our favorite inking techniques using the Pazzles Chalking Easy chalk applicator. I have recently discovered some new ways to add inking to paper that you will not want to miss. Are you a die-hard who inks the edges of your paper with a round sponge? If so, you will want to see how the chalking tool can make it easier and a lot less messy! If you are a stamper, Michelle will show you how to easily add shading to a stamp before you stamp on paper.

I am also including the cutting file for the tri-fold place card. This simple place card has a slot and tab closure at the bottom so it stays upright and won’t collapse like the half-fold kind.

Have fun!


Learn how to add texture and dimension to your paper cut images. This lesson will show you how to use several different inking techniques with the Pazzles Chalking tool. You will also learn how to add shading to a rubber stamp before stamping the image onto paper.




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22 thoughts on “Inking and Chalking Tips

  • Wanda Brownley

    something is wrong with the video and download. I tried to watch the video twice. a white square comes on near the top than the computer freezes.Wanda

  • Amanda_H

    Hi Wanda. The video and download are working for me here in the office. A couple of ideas: can you try a different browser (like Firefox instead of Internet Explorer)? Can you confirm that you are a logged in member of the Craft Room? This tutorial is members only. Thanks!

  • Larelyn Sartini

    Great video. I have several of those holders and never thought beyond the chalks that they came with – duh!!! I couldn’t find the leaves you used for your turkey feathers. I really like the shape – can you help me find them? Thanks, also for the stamping idea. I use Copics on so many images that I forget about actually inking the stamp. Thanks for the great ideas.

  • Brenda Adams

    I haven’t been able to get any new video to run for a while now… 🙁 I have tried and tried just can’t get it to work

  • Wanda Brownley

    Hi. Amanada Yes I am a member and I was sign in. Just tried again and same thing it freezes. I’ve never had a problem watching your videos. I will try another way tomorrow. Has anything changed on your end. Thanks Wanda

  • September Whisenant

    Thanks for another great video, very enjoyable! Amazing how much better things look with a little inking or chalking. And I agree, Chris, you can never have too many tools!

  • sharon nevius

    Sorry…I can’t get the video to play either! The 1st time I tried it got part way and froze. The 2nd time I tried it played a little further and froze again! I am using Firefox as my browser and Quicktime

  • September Whisenant

    Larelyn, I had difficulty finding the leaf as well but finally did. It is one of the leaves in “Leafy Border” when we were looking for a single leaf. Now I just have to find the “tinsel” pom poms!

  • Wanda Brownley

    Its wanda again. I just saved a video from your video section and had no problem saving it than opening. I’ve been a member over 2 years and this is the first time I had a problem. Thanks. wanda

  • michellep

    Please call in and speak to our tech support department if you are having trouble watching videos. They would be happy to help you with this!

  • Brenda Adams

    HOT DIGGY DOG!!! I got my video to play…had to download goggle chrome and watch it though that web site instead of my home roadrunner page…just have to remember this…lol

  • Christine Post author

    The font for the word Holly is called Brody and is a Pazzles font. The word Amanda was done in Present Script which is also a Pazzles font.

  • braselton

    I too had problems with the video, sound off and freezing. I skipped past a bit of the beginning and it played perfectly thereafter. Enjoyed the video and intend to try it, especially good techniques for those tiny pieces!!!!