2013 Pazzles Retreat Survey

I know that you are all anxiously awaiting the dates of our 2013 retreat schedule. I apologize for the delay, my mother was diagonosed with Breast Cancer and I have been busy helping with appointments, surgery and treatments.

After considering the comments from the earlier post, we realized that the poll was not extensive enough for us to choose the best locations for our retreats. We know what regions of the country we will have our retreats at but we would like you to help us narrow it down further. Please answer our short, five question survey to help us out.

We have chosen several regions for the retreats. What we need to know is if there is a strong preference for one city over another. If you would consider attending a retreat in a particular region, please choose which city you would prefer. If you don’t live in that region, or wouldn’t consider traveling to that region, please skip the question.





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18 thoughts on “2013 Pazzles Retreat Survey

  • Christine Post author

    Charlene, make sure you take the survey. You can let us know your choice there.

    Irish, we had a retreat in Arlington last year so we will not be having one in that area for a while.

    Judith, I hope we get there the following year. 🙂

  • Gertrud Bonam

    Question 4 is not working correctly. It expects a comment even when choosing the positive response. I tried leaving a comment and even then it won’t accept the survey.

  • Christine Post author

    Thanks for letting me know. I will try to get someone to fix it today. You can leave your answer here if you like or check back later. 🙂

  • Marjorie Eades

    Heres my issue, I would be totally up for an alaskan cruze if it were leaving out of San Francisco So I dont know if i should fillout the servey or not.

  • Patti Oleson

    I would also be up for the Alaska cruise but can’t say definitely I would be able to go until I know dates and cost. Does that help you?

  • Jody Johnson

    I tried to complete the survey, but although I checked a positive response to #4, it still required a comment, which I typed in. Then it still would accept the survey when I clicked “done”.

  • Christine Post author

    Jody- if wouldn’t mind leaving your response to #4 here in the comments, I will make sure it gets added in. ~Chris

  • Jody Johnson

    I think the idea of mini retreats at conventions is a good idea, but I think it would be more beneficial to separate the classes by skill level. The more experienced users would not need the basics and this would allow more attention to the newer users. Obviously we were all new at one point, but having separate classes for more experienced users would be more appealing to me personally. I think this is true of the Pazzles Retreats as well.

  • Christine Post author

    Those are great ideas Jody. We have a Boise Pazzles retreat every few years and our plan for the next one does include splitting out into skill levels.We can utilize more of the Pazzles staff to help and transport the extra supplies with little expense. 🙂

  • Diane Kane

    I would be interested in the Alaskan cruise but would need to know the dates and cost before I commit.

  • Roxanne Lowe

    How shall I handle wanting a retreat in Seattle AND interest in a Seattle cruise? I could only check one.

  • Christine Post author

    For all of you who wanted a Chicago or Washington DC area retreat: we did retreats in those areas last year. We hope to rotate around the regions if the retreats remain popular.


    I vote for Mesa/Phoenix, Arizona area as my first choice (have never seen Pazzles supported here). Would be nice to have something close to home.