Fictional Character Valentines

Fantasy Characters Valentine Lollipops

I couldn’t resist just one more Valentine’s Day idea for today’s 15 Minute Project. Although this Valentine is a bit more time-consuming than the Classroom Valentines, it is still well within 15 minutes. Choose just a few special children in your lives and make personalized Valentines using the paper piecing characters in our Fantasy > Fictional Characters album in the Craft Room Library. The cast of characters you will find there include princesses, fighters, adventurers, super heroes, wizards and many more.

Assemble the paper pieced character and then creatively attach a sucker, Pixy Stix, or glow stick to the character so that the stick represents an element of your character. I attached a sucker to the Fighter and used the stick end as his saber. On the second Valentine, the sucker stick becomes an arrow when attached to the Hunter Girl. I’ll be giving these to my children and once the candy is gone, the little characters are sure to be a hit as well. Make one of your own and share your creation with us in the Craft Room Albums.






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