A Fabulous Peacock Feather Gift Card Holder


I’m sure I’m not alone in proclaiming my gratitude for modern conveniences such as cell phones and laptops, but in my mind the greatest invention of the 21st century is Pinterest. I can get lost for hours browsing through the inspiring pictures and crafty goodness. Today’s 15 Minute Project was inspired by a Pinterest picture of a beautiful peacock with it’s feathers in full display and a caption that read “Be Fabulous.”

Peacock feathers have been on my mind since CHA where we spotted them as one of the current trends in paper crafting. I pulled the Peacock Feather file and the Door Hanger file from the Craft Room Library to make this over the door gift card holder. I duplicated the door hanger file and used the scissors tool to make a perfectly sized pocket for the front of the door hanger. And of course the project needed the “Be Fabulous” sentiment to finish it off. The sentiment was cut from glitter cardstock to make it, well, fabulous!


P.S. If you have peacocks on the brain, be sure and check out our other peacock files in the Craft Room Library using the search feature and keyword “peacock.”






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3 thoughts on “A Fabulous Peacock Feather Gift Card Holder

  • Brenda Adams

    I think these make a great quick card that you can hang onto any door knob to brighten someone day…or throw a gift card into the pocket and everything is done all in one…

  • Sieglinde Nix

    I really liked this. Are the words “be fabulous” located anywhere in the library?