‘Pinch Me’ Card


Life isn’t about luck, but it might be if you’re Irish!! For those that like to spread a little Irish cheer, here’s a simple 15 Minute Project you can design in a pinch. I couldn’t resist using the Santa pipe file in the Craft Room as a leprechaun pipe and smoke. I enjoyed watching this pipe come together and look so real with just a little extra ink around the edges. You can find the Deco Clovers in the Craft Room Library as well. I made an outline around the shamrocks to help make them stand off of the background of the card a bit more.  Together these images make the perfect embellishments for this little card and help share in the festivities this St.Patrick’s Day.





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5 thoughts on “‘Pinch Me’ Card

  • Gloria Olmstead

    Hi Tatum, Am posting my card. My cousin is a 3/17 baby and always says they give him a parade every year. So that’s what the lep is dreaming of. I used shrink art to make the beer mug. Thanks for all you do. Gloria. Now to figure how to post the picture. Gloria

  • pat wakefield

    I’ve been a CR member for a short time….I dont’ see an album labeled “Craft Room Album…..does this get posted in with the other March challenge? or just to our personal album? Many thanks!

  • michellep

    Pat-you can add it o your member gallery. There is no special folder for this challenge.

  • pat wakefield

    Done, and done! (although I also added it to the march challenge as I didn’t see your note)

    Thanks, this was a fun!

  • Brenda Adams

    I posted mine in the the card section of the album
    and posted a comment on the fb home page