Patriotic Pop Up Box Candy Dish

July 4 Pop Up Box Card

We, as crafters tend to see things differently.  Where some people see a pop up card, I see a candy dish and centerpiece for my 4th of July party or any party really. I started with the Easter Pop Up Card project files.  I divided in half the main card box and then I discarded the half without the tab. I duplicated the remaining piece and added back in the tabs so that I could enlarge the file to fit on two pieces of paper.  After getting rid of all the Easter décor in the file, I selected the whole file and made it bigger so one half of the box would fill the 12″ x 12″ mat. I then cut the main box pieces out of white, all the coordinating pieces out of decorative paper, and two extra supports for the center along with two 4.25″ squares to be the bottom on top of the supports.  I glued those support squares about half way down the inside of the box. As long as you select the whole file before you enlarge it, all of the pieces will stay in proportion.  I don’t like the kiss lines for folding so I made them solid and used the Embossing Tool on the regular mat. I went over it five times and got a great fold. Then I put it together using the tabs and following the instructions for the card. I added some 4th of July décor with the 4th Cracker, 4th of July, Firework Rocket and Fireworks cutting files from the Craft Room Library.  I added some candy and it’s ready to party. The finished box size is 4.5″ x4.5″ x 6.25″ high. The back is 12 inches tall! Mine is taller because of decorations.



American Crafts Cardstock

K&Co Marine Paper


Red Crinkle Filler

Hershey  Nuggets





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8 thoughts on “Patriotic Pop Up Box Candy Dish

  • hippiemom2002

    Love this Marjorie… 4th of July is a biggie for our family and I can see this as a goodie box for grandbabies. I have been using my 12×24 mat to cut out a lot of things…especially when I’m resizing it bigger.

  • melin

    What a great idea Marjorie! I love that we do all see things differently. Your candy dish is a super creative and festive idea!

  • flutterbelle

    Love this project! You’ve made me think about the pop up card box in a whole new way 🙂

  • kristaspapercafe

    Great idea! I have seen a few like this. Your July 4th theme is inspiring. Very nice Auntie Marge.

  • meheidie

    I love it. The 4th is one of my favorite holidays!!! We always have a big neighborhood bbq and this will be perfect for a party favor!!!