Elegant Envelopes Cutting Collection: WPC, AI and SVG Files


Have any bundles of joy that will be arriving soon? Get ready to adorn baby in greetings of love using the newest Cutting Collection, Elegant Envelopes. Use your Pen Tool to address the envelopes to send out invitations and baby announcements and write your salutations on the inside. Find these cute Stork and Baby files in the Craft Room Library to help deliver your envelopes to let friends and family know your family is growing by two feet.

The Elegant Envelopes Cutting Collection features eight different envelopes of various sizes with liners, and accompanying note cards.

The Elegant Envelopes Cutting Collection is available for purchase in WPC, AI, and SVG cutting file formats in the Pazzles Store. Craft Room Members can download this Collection from the Craft Room Library in the New section. Craft Room members can see our other Collections in the Library, and non-members can purchase any or all Collections in the Store.







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2 thoughts on “Elegant Envelopes Cutting Collection: WPC, AI and SVG Files

  • auntie_marg

    OMG that is so cute, really wish I knew someone having a baby now, and I see lots of uses for those envelopes.