Rainbow Color Cards Project Pattern

Rainbow Cards Project Pattern

Have you experimented with our Project Patterns in the InVue Software yet?
One of the cool new features in the InVue software is our new Pazzles Project Patterns.  The InVue software comes with four Project Patterns and we will be adding more each month. Essentially you open a Project Pattern and you see a sketch (layout or card). Several pieces of the sketch are “replaceable”. You click on the replaceable shape and then select a predesigned coordinating image from a cooresponding menu. The image automatically replaces the selected shape and resizes the new shape to fit perfectly. Once you become familiar with the process you will be hooked on these patterns. They work like magic!

Today we have a new Project Pattern release for you, Rainbow Color Cards. These all occasion cards will be your go-to source for quick cards.

Download Project Files:

Download the InVue Project File for Rainbow Color Cards Project Pattern

InVue Installation Instructions:

  • Click on the button above to download the InVue project file.
  • Open InVue and go to File->Open File.
  • Browse to your download folder, select the file you downloaded, and click Open.
  • When the Project Extraction window opens click the Extract button.
The project pattern is now installed! To use the project pattern select File>Open Project. You will now see Rainbow Color Cards Project Pattern as one of your project options.

Inspiration Studio and Other Third Party Software
Download the WPC, SVG and AI Files for Rainbow Color Cards Project Pattern

While this project is designed specifically for use with InVue you can still use these designs with Inspiration Studio and other applications that support WPC, SVG, or AI type files. To use with these applications download the project from the button above. You can then open the file as you usually would and you will see all of the pieces displayed on the page. You will need to drag the pieces you would like to use into place.

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5 thoughts on “Rainbow Color Cards Project Pattern

  • meheidie

    Fabulous! I always need cards and usually at the last minute…lol so these project patterns fit the bill perfectly.

  • ladycne

    Once you open the project, you must change your page size to 8.5 X 11. Then change your line styles to print only except the outside line. The outside line is a cut line. Trial and Error…

  • michellep Post author

    Yes Robin! If you are using these for Print & Cut rather than the Pen Tool you will need to change your page size etc. Good point!

  • elliott37

    These are great – and I’ve had both InVue & Inspiration Pro since the first of August and didn’t know about the “projects.” I really like these new designs AND I learned something new about my software!