Welcome Samantha Donaldson to the Pazzles Family!

Recently, we added a new member to the family here at Pazzles! Here is a little more about our newest member, Samantha Donaldson:


      my bio pic_edited-2 copy      Hello , everyone! My name is Samantha Donaldson and I am a total creative! From being the youngest member of the Los Angeles Blues Society at age 14 and  running my own art gallery in Long Beach at age 15 to owning my own music magazine at age 17 and now playing in a band with my highly talented boyfriend , I’ve never turned down an opportunity to create something in this fun and exciting world! My favorite things to do are ride my old road bike, spend time with my family, go to shows for my music magazine, and make fun crafts at work!  I can’t say I’m an expert at creating things with the Pazzles’ products just yet but after a week of playing around with them, it’s safe to say that  it’s quite a blast! I’m very excited to be a part of this ever-expanding creative team and to show my capabilities as an Editor as well as a creative!

Below are some of the many things I have created since being given the chance to use this awesome crafting must-have! From cool back-to-school planners and shirts to colorful festival masks and home decorations, there is really nothing that isn’t awesome about this product! It’s funny to think I’ve only been using it for a little under a week and yet, I can’t stop coming up with cool things to do with it!




20150731_153149                            20150727_181652

20150731_153606        20150731_153841     20150731_153651


Needless to say, I have had a blast so far and I look forward being able to master this awesome crafting tool alongside you guys! Thanks everyone!




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14 thoughts on “Welcome Samantha Donaldson to the Pazzles Family!

  • roundabout54

    Welcome to the Pazzles family Samantha. Looking forward to seeing great things from you.

  • joanna

    Hi Samantha, you are sure going to have as much fun as we do. Can’t wait to see more of your projects. Congratulations on joining the Pazzles team.

  • meheidie

    Welcome Samantha!! I can see that you are already addicted! It’s a sickness, really…lol Fabulous creations! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  • flutterbelle

    Welcome Samantha! Great projects so far – I look forward to seeing more of your work 😀

  • dixielynn52

    Wow…love your talent. Let it flow! I like the bag at the end…exactly what did you do to it? did you use vinyl or paint? or ?
    Thanks a Lot!
    Debbie Childers

  • dixielynn52

    Ok…I just realized it was a sleeveless shell…right? What ever….Old lady here…cut me a little slack! LOL Just want to know how you did it.

  • samanthapcr Post author

    Absolutely haha the way I did it was I found a picture of a girl’s face online that was a vector. I copied it and pasted it into the InVue software and then vectorized it on there. After that, I cut it out using thick cardstock making an awesome stencil. Then using Modge Podge and a paint brush I painted the Modge Podge over the Stencil onto the shirt which was originally a regular sleeved shirt. After that, I sprinkled glitter over the glue and waited for it to dry. Then I used some red paint-on glitter to make the lightning bolt and lines on her lips and cheek. Finally, I took scissors to the sleeves and cut tiny 1/4 inch lines at the bottom of the shirt. Then I pulled at them to make them long and thin and tied each one to the one next to it making the cute fringe look. You could do that with any vector online and if you happen to have kids, you could even do their school logo!