Pazzles Stencil Material: Brick Wall Mixed Media Canvas

Brick Wall Mixed Media

Melinda here with you today. I am super excited to share my project with you today. This month I was tasked with creating a project that used the Pazzles Stencil Material. So here is what I came up with!  I created this wall hanging. I started by using the Pazzles Stencil Material . I was real excited when I got my hands on some. It is a much lighter weight than the typical stencil sheets you get at the craft and hobby stores. That means you can get a lot more creative with the type of cuts. I used the Brick Wall file. I created it in my Pazzles Software. Once I was happy with the look, I cut it out of the material. It cut like BUTTER!!! I used a semi-used mat and it had no trouble sticking down while it cut all the “bricks” out.

Mixed Media Brick Wall Gesso

Once I was done cutting the material, I turned to the internet and made some homemade gesso. I found a tutorial online.  I used the baking soda, paint and glue version. Once I mixed that up, I simply laid my stencil down on my canvas and spread the gesso all over. I really didn’t need any adhesive to hold the stencil down as I just carefully went over it with the gesso. I then took an old credit card and smoothed out the gesso. I let it sit and dry…mostly. Before it was completely dried, I took a Fiskars embossing plate I had and smacked it down on the door. It didn’t come up as clean as I wanted it to, but it did give the door plenty of texture. I just took a toothpick to add a few extra lines. I wanted to give it a slight wood look.

Mixed Media Brick Wall Closeup

Once the gesso was dried ( took only about a half hour to 45 minutes, I went and ate some lunch so not exactly too sure…lol) I took a sponge and began dabbing paint on it. I wanted to give the bricks some dimension and shading with the two colors. Once I was done doing all the painting, I lifted up the stencil and….magic!  I was really happy with how it turned out.

DIY paper flowers with airbrushing

To finish off the piece I made a bunch of paper flowers with the Layered Rose Flower file and then used my E-Brush to air brush some color on the flowers. That was my first time using it. I was a little “heavy handed” with the colors. I used my Copic Sketch markers for the various colors. Lastly, I added the Photo Corner file which was cut in Kraft paper and then painted with the same gold paint. And a little antique button I had in my stash for a door knob.  Overall I am super excited with my first (of many) mixed media piece! Love that my Pazzles was the back bone of the project. It allowed me to create my stencil, create my flowers and photo corner. If you want to venture into stencils, I STRONGLY recommend trying the stencil material from Pazzles. It cut so nicely!


Pazzles Stencil Material
Craftwell E-Brush
Homemade Gesso (Baking Soda, Glue, White Paint)
Various Copic Markers
Pure Gold and Antique Gold Acrylic Paint
12 x 12 Canvas
Fiskars Wood Embossing Plate




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