Electronic Key Fob/Ring Box

Key Fob New Driver Box

My daughter got her driver’s license this summer.  It’s an all new experience for me as she is my oldest. Of course she is having the time of her life, while I sit at home and worry about her safety…lol.  As you probably guessed she is going through gas like its water!

I made this fun electronic key ring box to surprise her with a gas gift card.  You could also add a gift card for new tires or to a local repair/auto shop. Or, if you really want to surprise your recipient, you could put a key to a new car inside!

Key Fob New Driver Gift Box

As always, using your Pazzles Vue you can change up the colors or make the box any size you’d like. Also you might just use the key part of the file or the horn or lock for another project. I encourage you to take a second look at all the files in the Pazzles Craft Room and take note of each and every aspect of the file you are looking at. You might not need the birds on the Birds on a Branch File, but the branch or the clouds might be perfect for another project. If you look at each of the files like this, it makes the Craft Room an even more valuable benefit!

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