Modify 12 Months of Memories

12 Memories of Christmas: Modify for Southern Hemisphere!

As we wrap up the 12 Memories of Christmas, we at Pazzles wanted to take a moment to specially address our friends “Down Under.” While we are wearing mittens and drinking hot cocoa over here in the states, you are probably slathering on the sunscreen and hitting the beach!

12 Memories of Christmas: Modify for Southern Hemisphere!

That’s why we made sure to make all of our 12 pages with interchangeable titles so that you can make your pages with the appropriate month! Here is our June page with the title swapped out from our January page. You can do this for all 12 of our pages so please enjoy this collection that is for you too!

You can navigate to each of the 12 months here:
The 12 Months of Memories




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2 thoughts on “Modify 12 Months of Memories

  • jeremyvw


    The files for each month were included with it’s release. I added a button to the post above so that you could easily navigate to any of the months you need to download!