Games for the Brain Party in a Box


Game nights with family and friends are a great way to relax, have fun and spend time with people we love. At a recent game night party, the group discussed whether we preferred “silly” games or “brain” games. Most of the partiers preferred the challenge of using the brain over posing for silly photo’s that one doesn’t want posted on social media!  But is playing games good for your brain? Absolutely, researchers find that playing games improve logical thinking, make us better learners and can help decrease probability of getting dementia. Besides, playing games is fun!


Using our Pazzles Inspiration die cut machines is another great way to use our brains to create fun decorations for our game night parties.  For this set of decorations, I wanted to be able to transport my party if needed or store it easily for reuse. This would be great for a surprise party or a party for a home bound individual. All the decorations and items needed for setting it up can be placed inside the box.  Note to all car lovers-no toy cars were harmed or damaged while used for this party!


For a little mystery, this party became a game within game night. A set of playing cards were designed,  for each guest. The cards have puzzles on them, which the guests have to solve in order to play a card. Want something to drink? You have to solve the word search to discover what drinks are available. There are snacks and dessert, also with puzzles needing to be solved to get the items.  Which game to play next? Solve the clues on the game cards to choose.  The winner’s circle is the dessert bar; every guest is a winner for working and fueling their brain. Food and drinks were chosen for their reputation of promoting brain health.


All of the decorations were designed using files from the Pazzles craft room and fonts found on the computer. The print and cut method was used to make all of the items except the card boxes, which were cut from various colored card stocks. To add a little whimsy, toy cars with racing flags were used, by the end of the evening; those little cars will be racing across the game table.  All files and instructions are included in this post.



Cardstock—white and various colors
Glitter pen
Toy cars
Variety of games

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