New Year’s Party Games

New Year's Resolutions Games

Three games for you to play with your guests on New Year’s eve – all made with your machine! Instructions for how to make and how to play each game are included!

Resolutions Recon

Use the hat from the Paper Snowman Hat file turned upside down and embellished with just the words from the Happy New Year Title (outlined twice at 0.08 — outline the word group at 0.08 for the white background, then outline the white piece at 0.08 to create the red piece) as the “bowl”. Cut the title words out of three different cardstock colors and assemble and adhere the full piece to the hat.  Use mustaches from the Stashing Christmas Tree, Mustache, and Six Moustaches files outlined (at about 0.08 in white as backing) for players to write their New Year’s Resolutions on the back.  Cut the mustache background from white cardstock and the mustache from black cardstock; glue together.  For the hat, since it’s being used upside-down, you could omit the ring that covers the tabs around the hat because they will be hidden under the brim.  This way, the other four pieces can fit on a 12×12 piece of Bazzil Basics black cardstock and make a smaller, but still adequately sized hat (about the size of a quart canning jar) for collecting the resolutions (and later, Baby New Years; see below).  Cut a 12 x 2 inch piece of gold paper for the hat band and glue in place.

TO PLAY: Provide pens or pencils and the mustaches. Have each player write their New Year’s Resolution on the white back of a mustache and toss it into the hat.  Have a few extra resolutions written that would apply to those in the group or could be that of a famous fictional character or notable (politicians, movie stars, pop artists) just for fun. Players take turns describing the resolution to the group without using any of the keywords in the written resolution or, play charades to act out the resolution.  For example, for the resolution “be on time to school/work everyday” the player can describe this resolution with any words or phrases except time and school/work and everyday using no gestures or, the entire thing can be acted out only with gestures, as in charades. Once the resolution is guessed, have everyone try to be the first to guess to whom the resolution belongs.  Winners who correctly guess the owner of the resolution can keep the mustache.  You can reward the player who collects the most mustaches as the winner or just have everyone win when there are no more mustaches to pull out of the hat!

New Year's Eve


Use the hats from the previous games for two teams.  Use the Baby New Year file (changing the year to the New Year) to create sets of separate pieces (baby, hat, face overlay, sash and diaper), one set for each team.  To make the hat fit over the baby’s head, duplicate the brim of the hat and weld one front brim piece to the large back piece of the resized hat, then use the bottom of the other brim piece  to make a slit to receive the baby’s head (do this by retaining just the center portion – from where the crown of the baby’s head meets the hat – of the lower line of the brim by using Break and Move, then Open Path to separate the smaller segment in the center, which goes across the baby’s forehead). With the Move Point tool in the software, drag the line at the top of the baby’s left arm to round it out like a shoulder.  Resize all the parts together such that two baby bodies fit on one 12 x 12 sheet of cardstock.  From the resized hat, select just the red hat band and the front brim piece and duplicate them, then recolor the brim piece white and select the brim and band together to use Subtract Weld to make the band a little bit smaller and follow the shape of the front of the hat.  Print and cut the year onto the band on gold cardstock, along with the Happy New Year on the sash.  Cut the welded hat piece and the brim piece from black cardstock.  Assemble the hat by gluing the  Year band and brim to the main hat piece. Assemble (without gluing!) the Baby New Year, making note of where the adjacent pieces line up. On the back of each piece, attach one side of a Velcro Brand Mini Fastener ⅜ ich Dot where it will line up with the piece behind, attach the other half of the Velcro Dot to the other paper piece.  When playing the game, players connect the pieces via the Velcro Dots.

TO PLAY:  Divide your group into two teams and have the players form a line. Give each team a baby, a camera or cellphone camera and an empty picture frame (or make one with your Pazzles machine!).  On “GO!”, the first person on each team grabs the Baby New Year parts and assembles Baby New Year, attaching the parts at the Velcro points.  When the player has assembled the Baby New Year, he or she holds up the Baby New Year next to his or her face using the frame to frame a snapshot that the third person in line snaps (and then passes the camera on down the line).  Then the next person in the line takes apart the baby and gives the parts to the next player.  Play continues, assembling the baby, snapping photos and disassembling the baby until everyone on the team has assembled the Baby New Year and had their picture taken with him.  If you don’t have access to two cameras, you can skip that part. First team to get all their teammates photographed with the assembled Baby New Year wins!

New Year's Confetti

Baby New Year Balloon Pop

Determine the number of players and gather 5 to 10 opaque latex 12 inch balloons for each player.  For a quarter of the number of balloons, create a Baby New Year by fusing the Baby silhouette file with the Top Hat file (first flipped horizontally) by using the Weld feature in the software.  For a group of ten players, cut out 25 Baby New Year silhouettes from cardstock and roll up each around a pencil so that each one can be inserted into its own balloon, which is then blown up.  Twenty-five Baby New Years fit nicely on a 12 x 12 sheet of Bazzil Basics paper at a size of about 2.06 inches by 2.08 inches spaced at 0.2 in both directions using the Multiply Tool. You want a sturdy paper but you don’t want a card stock thickness or it won’t easily roll up into the balloon.  You could also wrap the Baby New Years around a pixie stick straw candy and insert the silhouette AND straw into the balloons for an added treat or, you could cut one special Baby New Year out of different colored paper, such as gold or silver, for a “golden ticket” extra prizewinner!.  If you have more or less guests than 10, you can adjust your numbers: it’s a good idea to use an odd number of Baby New Year shapes to prevent a tie.  Blow up 75 more balloons (without Baby New Year shapes inside).

TO PLAY: set up in a room with lots of space (and the furniture moved to the sides, if necessary).  Place all the balloons at one end and all the players in two teams at the opposite end, forming two lines as for a relay.  Place two Paper Snowman Hats turned upside down as the collection hats slightly to the center of the two teams; you could use the one you made for the Resolutions game and make a second simpler one without embellishments (or with, if you want to spend the extra time).  On “GO!” the player at the head of the line runs across the room, grabs a balloon, sits on it to pop it (this can be a pre-determined floor space marked with a Washi tape X or a chair).  Once the balloon is popped, the player looks to see if a Baby New Year fell out, grabs the Baby New Year if there is one and runs back to the front of the line, depositing the Baby New Year into the Top Hat and moving to the end of the line.  The next player runs to repeat the same actions.  The game is over when all the balloons have been popped.  The team with the most Baby New Years in their Top Hat wins!

Files used:
Mad Hatter Hat
Happy New Year Title
Stashing Christmas Tree
Six Moustaches
Baby New Year
Top Hat

Velcro Brand Mini Fastener ⅜ ich Dot
Scotch Permanent Glue Stick
Pink, black, gold, blue, green, red, white cardstock
Black Bazzil Basics 12 x 12 paper (weight a little thinner than cardstock)
Latex balloons in dark colors
2 digital cameras or cellphones with cameras
Empty photo frame, about 11 x 17 inches (no glass, just the frame)
Pens or pencils




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