New Year’s Photo Prop Frame

This quick photo prop frame is a great last minute addition to your New Year’s party and will give you many happy years of memories.

Thrift store gold, silver or black frame, glass removed, stays bent to the back and outside
2 -12” x 12” black cardstock coordinating solid papers – I used COLORBÖK Solid-dyed Core Premium Cardstock – Primary 180 sheets
2 -12” x 12” scrapbook weight shimmer, glitter or metallic paper – I used a silvery shimmer and deep gold sheets from the Die Cuts With a View Glitzy Glitter Cardstock Stack
Scotch Glue Stick
Dimensional dot stickers (or double-sided foam tape cut into smaller pieces)
Curling ribbon in gold, silver and black
Balloons in gold, silver and black

Remove the glass from the frame and bend the stays to the back and outside to minimize how much they show and to prevent snagging your guests. Cut out the outline pieces in the file from the black cardstock.  Cut out the Celebrate and 2018 titles and the stars from the shimmer papers.  Glue the titles to their respective outlines with the glue stick or attach them with dimensional dots.

To make the curling ribbon tassels, cut 4 each: 12, 20 and 28 inch lengths of ribbon for each color. Arrange them in groups by length and find their center. Place the center of the group of shortest length on the center of the group of mid-length, Then this combination on the center of the longest length, aligning all centers. Cut an additional 12 inch length and tie it around the center of all pieces of one color, tying a knot. Hold at the knot and curl all ends with scissors.  Repeat for the other 2 colors of ribbon. Tie the 3 tassels together at their midpoint with another piece of ribbon about 24 inches long and knotted twice, then wrap the ribbon around the frame and knot twice; curl the ends. Attach the balloons with about a 24 inch piece of curling ribbon and curl the ends. Attach the titles and stars to the frame with dimensional dot stickers.

To use:  Have a photo booth set up or a photographer.  Have guests hold the frame at the sides while framing their faces – 1 to 3 guests could fit their faces together in the size I used, a frame with an opening of 19.5 by 15.5 inches.  Print out the photos and load them onto a simple scrapbook frame from the Pazzles Craft Room or upload them to a photo sharing site for your guests. You can also use this with the Moustaches Cutting File and

Eyeglasses Cutting File found in the Pazzles Craft Room.

Keep the frame for an inspirational upgrade (coming soon) to hang on your wall!

Happy New Year!

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