Basketball Backboard and Game

Are you a basketball lover? If so, you probably have watch parties on your schedule, coming up soon! This game project will be fun for guests of all ages to enjoy. Use it during breaks in watching, and provide excellent excuses for consuming snack prizes!

In preparation for the game, you need to gather supplies, and decorate your basketball backboard. Complete the simple instructions for creating this altered art project, which are included in the instructions.

Next, find a place to hang your new backboard. You can hang it on a wall, or on a curtain using a photo frame hanger – hang it in any place that is accessible for your guests during the watch party. If you place it away from the watch area, it will help your guests get regular physical breaks to stretch out, and also to dig in to the snack prizes.

As the date for the watch party approaches, be sure to have plenty of favorite snack prizes available. Make up a tray of favorite snack foods. You can use raisins, popcorn, chips (and dips to go along with them), sliced veggies such as bell peppers, celery, carrots, cheese slices, crackers, and even more hearty snacks such as meatballs, sandwich quarters, and pizza pieces. Save the desert items such as cookies, cake, pie, and candy for the end of the party, especially if you have active little ones participating. Winners of the games get to feast first!

Dollar Tree Mini Basketball Set.
Additional Mini basketballs from Dollar Tree
Phillips Screwdriver
Photo Frame Hanger
Photo Paper for your printer


Have fun!


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