First Day of School Sign Project Pattern

Pazzles DIY Quick and Easy Customizable First Day of School Sign

The start of school is just around the corner and you’ll exchange “summer crazy” for “school time crazy”! We all want to have those adorable pinterest-worthy first day of school photos but the reality is that between getting all the school supplies, registration, new school clothes, and the start of sports it can just fall by the wayside.

Pazzles DIY Quick and Easy Customizable First Day of School Sign

That’s why I created this SUPER easy project pattern to create a customized first day of school sign. You get to pick the grade, the school year or graduating class year, and choose from 10 interchangeable chart options to customize your child’s facts that you want to document! This is so important because sharing a favorite toy in preschool is great, but in 9th grade, not so much!

The class year or graduating class year options go up to 2035 so this chart will hopefully last you through all your kids. Chart fact options cover height and age, favorite movies/tv shows/color/book/song/toy, school attended, teacher, age and more. In total there are 57 interchangeable options in this project pattern.

Pazzles DIY Quick and Easy Customizable First Day of School Sign

You have two options when you use this chart. You can go the extra quick route and customize your chart and then just simply print it out on regular printer paper. BAM, you are a pinterest worthy mom in 10 minutes. OR you can cut this in vinyl and put it on a wipe off or chalk board and reuse it every year which takes longer at first but next year you’ll be so happy it is already done. The choice is yours!

Pazzles DIY Quick and Easy Customizable First Day of School Sign

If you have never used a project pattern before, prepare to fall in love because it is the absolute easiest way to make custom designs. They are virtually fool-proof and super quick. All you have to do is click your mouse a few times! Hope you enjoy this easy first day of school sign diy!

Pazzles DIY Quick and Easy Customizable First Day of School Sign

Download Project Files:

If this is your first time using a project pattern here are instructions on how easy they are to use. If you are using InVue software there will also be written instructions that appear in your software on the left side. How to Use a Project Pattern

Download the InVue Project File for First Day of School Sign

InVue Installation Instructions:

  • Click on the button above to download the InVue project file.
  • Open InVue and go to File->Open File.
  • Browse to your download folder, select the file you downloaded, and click Open.
  • When the Project Extraction window opens click the Extract button.
The project pattern is now installed! To use the project pattern select File>Open Project. You will now see First Day of School Sign as one of your project options.

Inspiration Studio and Other Third Party Software
Download the WPC, SVG and AI Files for First Day of School Sign

While this project is designed specifically for use with InVue you can still use these designs with Inspiration Studio and other applications that support WPC, SVG, or AI type files. To use with these applications download the project from the button above. You can then open the file as you usually would and you will see all of the pieces displayed on the page. You will need to drag the pieces you would like to use into place.

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