Flower Pennant Banner

Pazzles DIY Custom Flower Pennant Banner Bunting by Lisa Reyes

Pretty Flower Pennant Banner for Special Occasions

I made this banner for a very special birthday -the first one! However this bunting banner is so customizable you can use it for any party. I used purchasable cloth pennants and iron-on for mine but I have also included the cutting file so that you can also cut them from stiffened cloth or paper. Use any patterns or colors and whatever message you like to customize this banner for any occasion.

Pazzles DIY Custom Flower Pennant Banner Bunting by Lisa Reyes

Flowers with Endless Possibilities

What really makes this banner extra special are the flowers. I put them between each pennant because my word was short but if you choose to do something longer you can always do every-other letter or just put them between words. OR go crazy and put them everywhere! These flowers have endless possibilities. They can be used layered or as a single layer flower too. In addition to a banner, you can use them on invitations, cards, scrapbook layouts and much more! 

Use Cloth or Paper

As I mentioned, I used some pre-made cloth pennants and then used HTV (heat transfer vinyl) for the lettering. This made a fairly quick project even quicker. The nice thing about cloth is it is a little more durable if you want to reuse the banner, or will have the banner in an area that it might get blown around a lot or might get wet. If those aren’t a concern though, you can definitely make this out of paper – both for the pennant and the letters. Either way you go, it’s a very straightforward project with beautiful results!

Materials used:

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Pazzles DIY Custom Flower Pennant Banner Bunting by Lisa Reyes

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