Lighted House Number Block

Pazzles Home Decor Lighted DIY House Number by Renee Smart

Upcycled Glass Block for A DIY House Number

Upcycle a glass block with some Pazzles vinyl and some outdoor fairy lights to add some funky house identification to your porch or driveway that’s easy to see at night.

Designate Your Delivery Door with A Touch of Magic

If you’re like us with two front doors maybe the “¾” borrowed from a magical story world (*grin*) will help deliveries to end up on the correct porch. 

Pazzles Home Decor Lighted DIY House Number by Renee Smart

Upcycle or Get a Glass Block at Your Local Craft Store

If you’re not into upcycling or don’t have resources for used glass blocks (do try your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, local thrift store, and similar places in your neck of the woods), most craft stores sell glass blocks made for crafting with pre-formed holes for the lights. I have also included a link below so you can order one online, they cost about $20 so either way you go this is a thrifty project!

Customize Your Project

I used black wall vinyl for my sign but feel free to use any color you like and switch out the decorative border for whatever suits your taste. You can also take this idea and turn the message in to basically anything you want! Make a spooky halloween sign or use colored lights for Christmas. There are tons of options so have fun with this diy house sign!

Pazzles Vinyl – in your choice of colors 
Glass block with hole drilled or prefab
Pazzles transfer tape
Outdoor fairy lights (mini LED light wires with battery pack rated for outdoors)

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Pazzles Home Decor Lighted DIY House Number by Renee Smart

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