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Renee Smart
Renee is a Washington native and born and mom of 8. She loves the physical and cultural diversity of the northwest and loves enjoying her “City in a Park” with friends and family. Renee likse to create with just about anything especially repurposed items, play word games like Scrabble and Boggle, grow food and flowers, play and write music, and sing like crazy!

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Get to Know Renee

1. Why did you decide to get a Pazzles machine and why do you love it?
I saw it years ago on an infomercial when I was up way too late or too early with a newborn. I was instantly smitten with all the possibilities that could come to fruition with such a fantastic machine!

2. How did you get started in crafting and what do you love about it?
I think I started independently crafting when I was in elementary school; I’d make furniture and accessories (like a Tic-Tac fish tank) for my fashion dolls. I’ve always enjoyed and been good at artsy craftsy projects and have always had the support to develop those talents. I began more hardcore crafting with motherhood as I liked to scrapbook to save memories in a more meaningful way than just photo sleeves and I had little crafters to teach and provide activities. I love crafting because I can make tons of things including trendy home decor for a fraction of the price while having fun at the same time!

3. How would you describe your style?
I think my style is fairly eclectic. I like contrasting elements (steam-punk with frilly is fun!), giving good ideas a new twist and my fave thing is to incorporate old or discarded items into my work or repurpose things in a creative and functional way.

4. Where do you find your inspiration?
Necessity (or desire, I suppose) is the mother of invention. I usually have a need to fill – something to help organize space or manage time or, a gift that can only be “just right” if I make some or all of it, usually re-purposing something into a fun use that’s completely different than its intended purpose and fits the recipient’s fancy.

5. What is your favorite Pazzles technique?
That’s a toughie. I suspect my favorite is one I have yet to try. I love the embossed and pierced items such as on metal or vellum. (a great example is Julie’s Happy Anniversary Card).

6. What is your favorite non-Pazzles craft product?
Mod Podge in every form, especially Chalkboard and Dimensional Magic which gives so many great projects even greater dimension (pun intended).

7. Do you have any hidden talents?
I’m not sure they’re ”hidden” exactly. I’m a clever cook; I like to improvise, usually starting from a known successful recipe and tweaking it into something more frugal, flavorful or both! I think I’ve only had a handful of flops (okay, maybe two handfuls *grin*) since I began baking and cooking as a youth. I’m a singer since before I could talk, now singing with and serving as VP of Chorus of a local ensemble, Ensign Symphony & Chorus, of nearly 120 voices and 60 instrumentalists that performs five times a year at Benaroya Hall in Seattle.

8. Favorite ice cream flavor?
My fave ice cream flavor is actually a pair: black licorice and pink bubble gum. I’ve loved this combo as long as I can remember and it’s not only yummy but brings to mind wonderful feelings of fun trips my family went on when I was growing up, particularly to Leavenworth, WA where I’d always enjoy a double scoop cone after having one of the “wurst” sandwiches (they were delicious! Bratwurst, liverwurst. . .) in the local Bavarian cafe.

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