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Chian CallitosSweet Sandia Watermelon

Have you ever wanted to purchase something and decided not to, but afterward you can’t stop thinking about it! I have had that problem with so many of your projects. Unfortunately I can only pick one each week so I am haunted by all the other projects in my head. I can’t stop thinking about them. One of those can’t-forget  projects is this Thursdays Fabulous Find. It kind of comes in two parts and goes to Ana Moreno for her wonderful Mini Pages 3.5 x 3.5  titled Chian and Callitos and Sweet Sandia. It just goes to show no size is too small to scrap on. I love Ana’s great use of colors and multiple layers.

Her bold colors just burst with energy. ( Just like little boys so it makes perfect sense! ) I also love all the elements and details in one small square from paper lace to stitching. They are such small details but all combine to make the final project complete. The torn edges give it that rough and tumble effect  which says  “all boy” without actually stating it. I can see this being a perfect little brag book all comb bound together or a great gift for the holidays. What better way to share our end of year pictures.

Congratulations  Ana  for such a fabulous project!




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4 thoughts on “Mini Pages

  • Mary Kerr

    I have a Bind-It-All comb binding tool and have been meaning to create some different cutting files for shaped mini book pages with the holes precut and spaced for the wire bindings–this just makes me want to sit down at the computer and run with it!! So many ideas, so little time…

  • Victoria Kee

    Congratulations Ana!! You do such a wonderful job! I not only like what you have here….but all of your designs. You are so talented, sweet, and generous! You deserve this!


  • Melinda Beltran

    Beautiful work Ana!!! Makes me want to get into the mini albums too! Hmmm. Christmas is coming up! Thanks for sharing your talent with us all!