How Do Your Friends Inspire You?

How Do Your Friends Inspire YouThis past week our team at Pazzles created tags for one of our upcoming featured projects. I decided I wanted to try my hand at making a dimensional rose. In my eyes, I’m still a pretty green in the crafting world. There are just so many different mediums and tools, I feel like every week I am running to my friends to have them explain how to use something. So making something realistic and dimensional was a pretty ambitious project for me.

The good news is it turned out great. In fact, I’m ridiculously proud of it. I have to give a lot of credit to Pazzles Craftroom member, Melin, for inspiring me. Thanks Melin! Of course then some credit is also due to my coworker, Camilla, for teaching me how to roll petals several weeks back and also to Lisa for teaching me how to ink months and months ago. The more I think about it, this little flower is a product of a lot of friendships. I love having friends around me that can help me learn and be inspired. So that got me to wondering, what are some things that your friends have inspired you or taught you to create lately?




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5 thoughts on “How Do Your Friends Inspire You?

  • Loretta Mateik

    I feel so fortunate too, as I have MANY talented friends that inspire me. Regardless of the project, when I show it to them…each has some comment on how they might tweak it, or add to it that would change it completely or simply make it different. That alone inspires me! And just when I think they couldn’t possibly think of anything else to do to a project…..they do!! Friends are the BEST embellishments to have in life.

  • Lisa

    I have to agree with you Amanda. Having friends to help you with different techniques really helps a lot and it seems just like with our cutters there is always something new around the corner. Chris is helping me with Chalking and she is an awesome teacher I think watching other people do things helps the most.

  • Melena Christopherson

    One of my best friends has a Pazzles machine as well, and lives just 3 houses away. We are always calling each other for inspiration. One of us will have an idea, and we just build on it. This is the case with cutting files, techniques and ideas!

  • Melinda Beltran

    Thanks Amanda for being my “friend” too! I love inspiring and being inspired. It is amazing how much we learn from each other. I love to surf the internet and just see what others have done. It is so neat how even just seeing a color scheme will take your brain in a whole new direction! Having the PI has made much of my “day dreaming and doodling” a sweet reality! I love my PAZ!


    All of you here are a huge inspiration to me. I am always in awe of the incredible creations that I see on here, if only I wouldn’t be so intimidated by new materials and afraid of something not coming out right. Thankyou all for sharing your talent. Dana