Happy Birthday Monkey card

Monkey Birthday cardI don’t know about you guys but I am a very tactile person. I love to feel and touch. ( I was always being told as a child ” we look with our eyes not our hands”.) That is why digital scrap booking is not my cup of tea. I love how paper feels and smells. Each paper has a different texture, from World Win Color mates to World Win Treasures, Basic Grey’s Wisteria or Robin’s Nest chipboard. They not only look different but feel different too. That’s what I love about this week’s fabulous find which goes to Dana Tackling for her Monkey Birthday card. Dana did an awesome job with this card. I simply love the fact that she used flocked paper to bring this little guy to life. The card makes me want to feel  his soft fur.  Paper makes a big impact on our projects and little details add those final touches which help our recipient enjoy it all the more. Congratulations Dana for a wonderful card idea.




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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Monkey card

  • Victoria Kee

    I think that this card is really cute…but my granddaughter would go nuts over it. She loves monkeys. I like that you thought out of the box. Most monkeys are seen hanging from trees in the art that is out there. You had foresight to have him hang from helium balloons…how cute is that?


    Oh my goodness! I am blushing. Thankyou for the nice comments, I am touched and glad that you all like it. Dana