“Me” Time

The new year is in full swing and we have made all of our New Years resolutions. The diets are under way, we’re hitting the gym hard and we have all promised to make this yearmail be all about us! 2010 is all about putting us first. I have always been one to keep my house spotless and keep up on the laundry to make sure that the kids are taken care of. Running kids around from place to place, helping out down at the school and working a full time job—I stay pretty busy. I love to join and host swaps that I sign up for online. I can’t wait to check the mail to see if they’ve arrived. I always get so excited to see everyone’s creations. Since I stay so busy I find myself rushed and flustered when it comes to making time for myself, and finishing up my own swaps. That’s why this year I am going to take some “me” time and set time aside a time to enjoy what I love to do. What are you going to do for your “me time”?




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4 thoughts on ““Me” Time

  • Amanda

    I’m giving myself pedicures and manicures lol. It’s a little thing but it makes me feel so much better.

  • Alison Charlton

    We usually spend all our holidays with our family, this year however, my DH and I promised ourselves we would have some couple time and explore more of Asia. Of course this will mean lots more scrapbooking projects! First stop Thailand in April!