Crafting this Weekend?


The weekend is finally here! We hope you have had an enjoyable (or at least productive!) week and hope even more that your weekend is wonderful! If you are setting aside some time to feed your crafting addiction this weekend, make sure you take some time to learn and be inspired here at the Craft Room. We have so many wonderful things going on here, you don’t want to miss out!


On Monday we announced that we are retiring our Breakfast Topic blog. Fear not though! New blogs are in the works and we are very excited about some of the upcoming features at the Craft Room! On Tuesday, Chris gave us a wonderful lesson on understanding what paths, points, and segments are. On Wednesday, Tatum cleared up some confusion on losing the fill in circles. Last but of course never least, Lisa shared a wonderful pop up book with us created by Catherine!

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Our members have been breaking records the last few weeks in our albums and this week there are no signs of things slowing down! We had a new record of 97 new photographs and cutting files uploaded this week! Wow! Among them were some beautiful scrapbook pages by melin, a elegant wine glass and matching card by angie, some great winter pages by toni, a beautiful baby girl book by pamjsg99, and a frosted glass by cindibasson. Beautiful work guys! If you haven’t seen these projects yet, go check them out right away!

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We have added 20 new images to our library including some nesting dolls, adorable chicks, a boat, an apron, a bike, swirls, spring images and more! Make sure to swing by and grab your favorites!

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We have a brand new video tutorial called “Points, Segments, and Paths” under the Building on the Basics video section. This video is on understanding what paths, segments, and points are. This is a great tutorial to watch if you have ever been unsure what a terms like “Segment from Path” or “Convert to Path” mean. An absolute must video to watch for beginners to intermediate users!

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There is a brand new project up that is a pop up window card! This is a perfect card for any occasion and has a lot of “wow” factor to it. We really enjoyed this project and know you will too. Don’t miss out on the pictures, cutting files, supply lists, and instructions for each card!

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4 thoughts on “Crafting this Weekend?


    Oh, I notice that now when I download something from the library,a little notice pops up that with info. re. I downloaded the file.
    Thanks for this, darn good idea – there are so many times that I have forgotten which images I have already taken, now it is a breeze…


    … but only in the NEW products library file, and maybe only for today.

    It would be a wonderful addition to the library if this was available throughout the full selection, a permanent record with each file so we (I) know which images I already have without having to search my ever expanding Pazzle files to see if I already have an image.

  • catherine norman

    Yes the Re: I downloaded the file is so helpful it saves a lot of brain work for me, my memory is not what it should be Ha Ha

  • Jeremy V

    Misty, you should be able to see the download note under every image that you have downloaded in all the albums. There also should be a special album link on the left hand tool bar “View Downloaded Images” that opens up an album with every image you have ever downloaded from the library.