2010 Marathon Weekend of Classes

Class Marathon Stationery Gift Box Open

I am just so excited about this weekend with the projects and teaching that are planned. We will begin on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2010 at 1pm Central USA Time (same as Chicago).

There will be sessions that will run every 2-4 hours throughout the ENTIRE weekend, so that EVERYONE can attend some of them a long the way, whether you live in the USA, England, South Africa, Australia or the North Pole. Just stop in to the classroom anytime you want. If the session is not running at that moment, it will have the next time posted. Remember, the time you see posted will be Chicago time, so plan accordingly.

Class Marathon Stationery Gift BoxOne of the projects that you will be learning to create will be this stationary gift box.

We will make cards throughout the entire weekend while learning how to do MANY different things with your Pazzles Inspiration. Even though we will be creating cards, the things that will be learned can be used on scrapbook pages and other crafts that you choose. And at the end of the weekend, you will have another gift ready to give a way, or if you prefer, to keep for yourself. We will also be creating a mini album/address/perpetual calendar that can go along with the stationary box.

Class Marathon Stationery Gift Box Top

To get to the classroom, simply click on COMMUNITY and go down to Klo’s Classroom. I’m SO EXCITED to spend the weekend with you.







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9 thoughts on “2010 Marathon Weekend of Classes

  • Chris Paddock

    Thank you Klo, Just what I needed to file away my Pazzle made cards. Now all I need now is a colour scheme. Ohh decisions decisions.
    Looking forward to our Marathon

    LOl Chris x

  • Victoria Kee

    I love your color scheme. I can remember when this color scheme was popular in the early ’90’s…..is that considered vintage now? LOL! This looks like a nice project….and perfect for my mother who is in the nursing home….and for her roommate. I had no idea what to give to her. Perfect!

  • Sue Walsh

    OK…..so that’s 6am Sat.Sydney time……I might just have an earlier start than usual for the week end!!! How exciting.

  • sharon nevius

    What a beautiful project!!! And this is only of the many we will be seeing. I can hardly wait. I may try to work along with you! Now that’s a novel idea for me, lol.

  • Phyllis Weaver

    I am do excited to learn and create, My sweet hubby has given me a Pazzles for Christmas.:<)
    Thanks Klo