Let It Snow!

As I mentioned yesterday, we recently had 8” of snow dumped on our valley. The commute to work has been miserable and long the last two days. Driving conditions aside though I adore the snow. The schools were all closed and so as I drove home I saw evidence of all of them playing in the snow – elaborate snow forts and tons of snow men. Oh how I want to be out there in the snow with them! I don’t care how old I am, I want to make a snowman! Well, unfortunately if I am to make a snowman it will have to wait until the weekend, and I fear the snow will be in poor shape by then. A moment of silence please for the snow……

Then suddenly it occurs to me that I can still make a snowman. In fact, I could make a whole army of snowmen out of paper. So that’s where this week’s Fabulous Find comes to the rescue.  Craft Room member “clw4514” confesses that this is her “1st original that I am actually willing to post a picture of. I’ve had my machine for a year and just now am I able to feel comfy cozy with my stuff.” Well clw4515, I think your snowman bag is adorable. I love that this is a project easily accessible for beginners but even us “old hands” will love how cute he is. Can’t wait to see more of your work, don’t hold out on us now! Congratulations clw4514 on being this week’s Fabulous Find and make sure to check your email for your gift!




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