Homemade Gifts

Every year my husband and I make a lot of the gifts that we give to family and friends. I love making gifts for several reasons. First of all, we tend to be able to give much nicer things than we would be able to afford to give otherwise. Secondly, I love giving gifts that are one of a kind. I also love that the gifts feel so much more special, like something straight from my heart to theirs. Of course, I have a feeling a lot of you feel the same way because I know that is a huge if not the number one reason I craft. So when I see absolutely gorgeous creations like this box by craft room member, Pinkalicious, I’m in love instantly. This stunning treat or gift box would make any gift extra special. I love that Pinkalicious used a soft green and white. Perhaps not the first colors you would think of for Christmas but the results speak for themselves. Thank you Pinkalicious for sharing your “gift” with us and I hope that this project inspires the rest of you to make your own gifts! Pinkalicious, make sure to check your email!




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11 thoughts on “Homemade Gifts

  • Victoria Kee

    I agree as far as the color choice is concerned and even mentioned that in the comment that I had left…because in all honesty….I wouldn’t have thought of it and I love it. This is just so pretty on several different levels. Pink….you are so TALENTED!!!

  • pinkalicious

    Thank you for the lovely comments above. I was truely surprised when I received an e-mail from Amanda at Pazzles, that I had become an International Pazzles Fabulous Find Winner!

    I was on cloud nine going into work yesterday! Although I had to smile whilst I was working with 4&5 year olds making Christmas cards for their parent, all day. Glitter and glue everywhere!

    I have had my Pazzles since Christmas last year but like many of you it was hardly untouched for 4 months. The rest is history because I love using it for everyone of my projects.

    I was shy at 1st to photograph my projects but I gradually gained confidence to create. The main thing I have learnt from other crafters is to just have a go, share and enjoy the crafting possiblities.

    For more details and photos of this project, please visit my blog : http://jlwcards.blogspot.com/2010/12/shaped-ornament-and-box.html