12 Gifts of Christmas-Day #5: Gift in a Jar

Whether it’s for a friend at work, a neighbor or a family member you know and love dearly, the Twelve Gifts of Christmas are sure to help with your gift giving this holiday season. These twelve projects dedicated to the wonderful tradition of holiday gift-giving are bound to be a fun and exciting part of this holiday season. Beginning November 20th and ending December 8th, this exciting countdown is full of holiday cheer and Christmas spirit.  

Be sure and join Klo in the classroom for step by step instruction in assembling this project on Sunday, November 29, 2015 at 7pm central time.

From the whole crew here at Pazzles, have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful Holiday season!
Join in on the fun and creative Gifts and Recipes in a Jar.  These are such quick and easy ways to put together a gift for a neighbor, friend or co-worker.

There are three different concept types here for your creativity.

12-gifts-jar3First is the Memory Jar.  This is actually a gift that gives all year.  Starting at the beginning of the year, every few days write down a memory.  Whether it was a day out, a joke or something you did different for lunch, write it down.  Do this throughout the year and then at the end of the year, take an evening with family and go back and read about all of the wonderful memories you created throughout the year.   As something even more fun, make a rule that you can’t read things throughout the year and that you have to wait.





Second is the Date Night Jar.  This is great to give to a couple.  Include a movie pass and gift card to their favorite restaurant.  If they have young children, include a coupon to babysit for the night.  If we want to make it a date night at home, put in popcorn and other treats to make it fun, even attach a new movie to it if you want.






Third is the Recipe in a Jar.  There are literally hundred of recipes on the internet for putting recipes in the jar.  Add a really cute tag, a recipe card and a bow for a wonderful gift.








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