12 Gifts of Christmas-Day #6: Hot Cocoa Kit Box

Whether it’s for a friend at work, a neighbor or a family member you know and love dearly, the Twelve Gifts of Christmas are sure to help with your gift giving this holiday season. These twelve projects dedicated to the wonderful tradition of holiday gift-giving are bound to be a fun and exciting part of this holiday season. Beginning November 20th and ending December 8th, this exciting countdown is full of holiday cheer and Christmas spirit.  

Be sure and join Klo in the classroom for step by step instruction in assembling this project on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 at 7pm central time.

From the whole crew here at Pazzles, have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful Holiday season!

When the weather turns this cold, you need something to warm you up, and nothing does that better than hot cocoa in your cup!!

This time of year can be hectic.  Imagine taking a break and leisurely sipping on a cup of hot cocoa.  This kit will make that an easy task for the person you give it to. Everything is included in this kit for the perfect cup of hot cocoa, even the mini-marshmallows and a peppermint stir stick, pirouette cookie or cinnamon stick for some added flavor!  I know your recipient will enjoy a calm stolen moment and think about you while they are drinking their indulgent treat!

  • Make sure you glue the bottom of the cocoa box and the marshmallow box so your treats don’t fall out from the bottom.
  • I use a glue dot to secure the candy cane stick so it doesn’t slide out of the sleeve.
  • Fold all the kiss cut lines, then glue the transparency onto the boxes before the actual assembly.


Land O Lakes Hot Cocoa

Jet Puff Mini Marshmallows

Long peppermint sticks

Transparency or clear cellophane for the windows on the box.

*Note – I provided links for the food supplies you will need if you want to purchase them on-line, but they can all be found locally at any big box or grocery store.  I purchased my 5 inch peppermint sticks at Cracker Barrel at 8 for a $1.00. They also have cinnamon which would be a good flavor choice too.

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