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A Look Back At 2016

As we ring in the new year, we thought you might like to take a look back at some of our most popular projects of 2016. So here are 32 of our finest projects from the past year!

Creative Title For Die-Cutters

Creative Titles Three Ways

I have a three foot stack of Thickers Alphabet stickers in my scrap room. They are a reminder of the dark days before Pazzles when I had to plan my titles around the fact that I had no E stickers left. Now I cut whatever title I want and have no limits on letters. We all know how to cut a basic title from cardstock. Layering cardstock colors and welding words can give you a different look to your title, but today I wanted to share with you a few other creative ideas for titles using your Inspiration and the new InVue Software. The first is a faux chalkboard look. Here's how I created this look in InVue: Type your text. Change the pen line and fill to black. Make sure your text is selected. Select the outline/inline option from the left sidebar. You will see fill and pen line colors represented within that box. Change your pen line to gray and your fill to black by dragging those colors from the color palette on the right up into the Outline/Inline color selections. Select inline with a setting of .04 and click preview. Click on the green arrow just below your text to accept the changes. Using black cardstock and a white pen, first draw the gray inlines with a white pen, then cut the black letters out. To give them an extra chalk effect dip a sponge in some white ink and then lightly rub it across the cut out letters to give them chalk smudges.

Find Your Style, Part 4: ...

Today we are finishing up our style discussion with the trendy contemporary collage style, which features layers of paper, a mix of textures and fun, hip color schemes. Colors: The Contemporary Collage style is anything goes when it comes to selecting colors. Choose one color and use various shades of it for a monochromatic ombre look, or pick a trendy color combination to highlight. Mint and gray come to mind right now when I think of trendy color combinations, and navy blue and yellow are hot colors as well.

Bam! It’s Your Birthday Card

Today we are discussing the modern graphic style which features crisp clean images, lots of white space and a side of cute.

Congratulations Wedding Card Silver Circles

Find Your Style, Part 2: ...

Today we're discussing Elegant and Classy style. This style is at once dramatic and polished, and with both flair and grace. Think Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn but in paper form.

Find Your Style, Part 1: ...

Do you have a favorite paper crafter that always catches your eye? Someone who's style is enviable and you can recognize their work in a lineup of projects? In the next few months we will be highlighting different styles in our Goodie Bag posts. We'll identify several of the most popular styles and help you to discover your own personal style. We'll offer tips to make your style stand out and maybe inspire you to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. Today we are talking Vintage and Shabby Chic style. This style is defined as soft, aged, weathered and used. Its beauty lies in the reuse of old, aged items whether they are truly vintage or modern replicas.

Art Journaling Blank Page

Creative Journaling to Capture your ...

One of the latest trends in the papercrafting world is the idea of art journaling. The concept behind art journling is just what you would imagine it to be, based on it's name. It is the idea of keeping a journal full of hopes, dreams and memories that also includes art in some form. Some people paint, some draw or doodle, and some use their scrapbooking supplies to embellish their pages. I have yet to jump on the art journaling trend, but the concept intrigues me.

Runway Inspired Challenge #30

At a loss for your ...

Every now and then, I get sick of looking at project examples, pretty samples, and 'Pinspiration'. Sounds impossible, right? But it happens sometimes, especially when your job is your hobby and you're continuously surrounded. Even if you don't work in the industry, you've probably suffered from crafter's block: the desire to create without the inspiration to do so. For me it's often compounded by the feeling that I can't create because I've seen everything and anything I want to make has already been done!

envelopes and stamps

Crazy About Cards, continued: Everything ...

Michelle's post, Crazy About Cards, got me thinking: we sure are going to need a lot of envelopes for all these cards! And while we have a lot of envelopes in the Library, I know that one size does not fit all when it comes to cards and envelopes… especially when you're sending square cards and shaped cards!

Crazy about cards? Good news… ...

Did you know that this week is a very special week? According to the International Society of Friendship and Good Will this week is Universal Letter Writtting Week. As I crafter you know that a handmade card is the best kind of letter to recieve, so get busy celebrating by making a few cards today. I thought it would be fun to link up a few random ideas to inspire your creative mind.

Circle Of Crafters Medallion

Celebrate culture with international paper ...

I'm fascinated by other cultures. I love to learn about traditional festivals, clothing, food, and—of course—crafts! I blame being a military brat. When I was a kid, my family packed up and moved every three years. I've lived in five different states and one foreign country, which has given me a bit of wanderlust. World travel is something I aspire to do someday, perhaps when I retire. But in the meantime, I will satisfy my globe-trotting urges by celebrating foreign culture! Today's Goodie Bag will cover some international paper crafts... and maybe some tutorial links!

How to see all pins from

A plethora of projects for ...

If you haven't heard about Pinterest, now the third most popular social media site on the web, you've been missing out! Pinterest is an online pinboard or idea gallery of sorts, and it's chock-full of big beautiful pictures of craft projects, fun recipes, decor ideas, and so much more. Because it's picture-centric, Pinterest is a haven for crafters, scrapbookers, stampers, and the like. If you know how to look, you will find Pinterest to brimming with ideas for your Pazzles Inspiration electronic die cutter! I'll give you all my insider tricks to searching and pinning on Pinterest.

More than 100 ways to use ribbon... bows, flowers, braids, and more!

I’ve got all this ribbon, ...

If you're anything like me, you've been collecting ribbon to use in your projects. And, if you're anything like me, you have two techniques for it. (I know, I'm boring in the ribbon department!) It seems like all I ever do is use my ribbons as a border between different areas of my project, or to tie a sentiment tag to my cards. I know I can do more and get out of my ribbon rut! For this Goodie Bag, I went looking for new and exciting ways to use ribbon. I hope you're sitting down, because I found over 100 different things to do!

Mojo Monday 256 Sketch

Calling All Card Sketches!

For this month's Goodie Bag, I'm talking about one of my absolute favorite resources: card sketches. Don't get me wrong, I love scrapbooking page sketches, especially Becky Fleck's Page Maps (I have both her books and I visit her site all the time) but I find myself relying on card sketches more and more. I'll blame Facebook—I haven't had to remember anyone's birthday in years because it tells me… but not until the day before, so I have to make a card at the last minute! That's when card sketches come in super-handy.

Need a Quote?

If you're looking for the perfect quote or sentiment for your project then you need to visit one of my favorite website. You're bound to find exactly what you're looking for.

Color Palette Inspiration!

I am a big believer that the right colors can transform a so-so project in to a FABULOUS project. Some people have a natural gift for putting together colors I would never consider. I, however, tend to be on the safe side sticking with colors that are tried and true and rarely venturing in to new territory. This is NOT something I like about myself but that is simply the way I am wired! I do love to use interesting color palettes, I just don't have the knack for coming up with them myself. That is why I am absolutely in love with the site I am sharing with you today.