Easter and May Day Baskets

Hanging May Day Baskets

Traditionally these beautiful May Day baskets are hung on friends door knobs on the first of May. Often they are filled with flowers and treats as a way to celebrate the arrival of spring. What a fun way to get in to the spirit of spring!

Even if you aren’t in to the idea of May Day baskets, these hanging baskets are perfect for Easter! I even think that some of these baskets would be wonderful for wedding decorations. Can’t you just see them hanging off of the ends of pews filled with flowers? I really am completely in love with these baskets and all the ways they can be used, I hope you enjoy them too! You can see more photographs of these beautiful baskets in the albums by clicking here.

Simple Fold May Day Hanging BasketP.S. Did you know we completely love reading all of the comments you leave on our blogs? Not only do we just love hearing from you but it also helps us know what you like so that we can do more projects that you will love. So leave us a comment and tell us what you think, don’t be shy!

Here are the cutting files, supply list, and assembly instructions for each basket!

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5 thoughts on “Easter and May Day Baskets

  • Trina M. Macko

    These are absolutly lovely… what a great idea as a surprise for a friend on their door as a spring refresher pick me up. Thanks so much for offering them! Trina M.

  • Melinda Barker

    These are great… One of my twins just came in and said he wants to make one for Nana whom always seems to find little goodies for all our boys…Thank you for the ideas and especially the cut files… Makes my time of actually making them even more fun. My time is scarce when it comes to trying to create new ideas. I admit- sometimes I get discouraged when whats in my head doesnt turn out the same way in my PI software…lol…But then when I have time I go take a class from Klo and others … Thanks again!

  • Victoria Kee

    I am going to try the peach one as a sample for my best friend’s daughter’s upcoming wedding shower. It will be fall colors…so imagine it with fall colors and lots of leaves. Or…..what about fall colored wisteria?! I am thinking out loud here. Thanks for the beautiful files!