May Day Flower Baskets and Traditions

May Day Flower Basket with Tulle Handle

When I think about May 1st growing up, I have to smile. It was my Grandma’s birthday and I always thought it was so great that everyone celebrated it by giving each other little baskets of flowers and treats. In my mind, this is why we made the baskets and gave them to others.

As I got older, I found out that there was a tradition of putting baskets on a person’s door, knocking and running. This is such a fun thing to do, especially if you have children or grandchildren to do the knocking and running. It is especially fun if you have elderly people in your neighborhood, because it is wonderful for the children and delights the elderly. I hope if this is not already a tradition, that you will make it one this year.

On the examples, I actually used real flowers. I bought a flat of flowers and after putting an extra piece in the bottom of the basket, took a flower section out and put it directly into the basket, dirt and all. This will allow them to plant their flowers directly into the ground or a pot without having to remove them from the basket. If you use just basic paperfor your basket, it will be likely to compost itself.

If it isn’t practical to use real flowers, you have plenty of other options. You can use treats, silk flowers or anything you want in your baskets.

I am giving you the same basket with two options for a handle.  You can either do a paper handle and just glue it on or choose the box with little holes on the side and use ribbon. There are also paper picks to put in the pocket in front so you can add a special message if you want.


May Day Flower Basket with Paper HandleSupplies:

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7 thoughts on “May Day Flower Baskets and Traditions

  • Judith Bettencourt

    I Love this!
    My sister and I grew up in Illinois. There was a patch of wild violas near our home. Every May 1st my sister and I would make paper baskets and fill them with the violas for our mother. I’ve never heard of this tradition on the West Coast, I wonder if it’s mid-West only?

  • Nancy Geren

    Such memories of past May Days!!!! This is great and I have wonderful ideas to use it.

  • Sharon Kopp

    I am originally from Nebraska and we always did May baskets. When I moved to Arizona I was surprised that nobody know about this May Day tradition. I think I will make these for the people in my office to share this tradition.

  • Tiffany McCreedy

    I grew up in California and we did the same 🙂 Now is Washington and no one has heard of this and thought I was crazy! 🙂