Making Shaped Bags

Making dimensionals can be very intimidating but add the complexity of SHAPED dimensionals and FORGET IT! Well, at least that may be how you feel, but the truth is that you can make some stunning shaped dimensionals, like this acorn bag, without being a grand master in the Inspiration Studio software. In fact I am categorizing this video as a beginner’s video because once you have the provided template you only need to know a few basic skills: selecting multiple objects, copy and pasting, resizing, and rotating. Even if you aren’t quite sure you know how to do those very basic things, the video will walk you through it. No matter how beginner you think you are, you CAN make shaped bags. Let me show you how easy it is!


Making shaped bags can seem very intimidating, but the truth is that you can make stunning bags out of almost any shape even if you are a beginner! Watch this video to get a detailed step by step instruction on how to use some basic tools in the software to make shaped bags out of any shape you want!




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