Pop and Wobble – Adding Dimension to Your Projects

I am often asked how I know what to do to make a project stand out. Since I am not content to create a page or card and leave it flat; I have an arsenal of ways to add depth and realism to my designs. I always add inking or chalking, layers and other dimensional elements to my project. I am constantly on the look out  for new products that can add a fun element to my project. Check out the rest of this blog to see my latest find. Be sure to read to the end to find out about our Crafty Special for Craft Room members.

As I was thinking about ways to help people think dimensionally, I realized there are some things that I do without even thinking. It was good to stop and consider how I could explain my thought process.

The number ONE thing I do to add dimension is to create layers. This starts when I am designing my card or page. My second favorite way to add depth is to ink or chalk the edges of the cut pieces. This hints at shadow and curve which fools the eye into thinking there is depth.

Then there are all of the Dimensional add ons. This list keeps growing but here are just a few ideas:

Glitter and glitter glue

Embossing powders

Lacquers and crackle mediums

Rhinestones and dew drops

Color mists

Pop Dots  and foam tape

and now my latest find:  WOBBLE SPRINGS™!

Wobble Springs™ make your design wiggle and wobble. I love, love, love these little springs! I keep coming up with more ways to use them. You can make an elephant’s  head sway, a basketball jiggle in the basket, a butterfly flutter and so much more. For my video tutorial, I made a bunny wriggling under a fence and a baby swinging in a blanket bundle. (Luann’s new granddaughter was my inspiration.) The cutting files for both cards are below so be sure to download them.  (The Bunny Card is included with the videos.)

PLEASE NOTE!!!! This offer has expired

The Wobble Springs™ are a Crafty Shopper Special with FREE SHIPPING (USA only).  I am sure they will go fast because they are priced at an unbelievable deal for Craft Room members. Watch my video and then click the link to find out how to order your own Wobble Springs™.
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This video lesson will show you how to create depth and dimension to your projects using a variety of dimensional techniques and devices. Learn how to plan for dimension before making your first cut.You will also learn how to use dimensional devices and add ons to gain greater interest and depth. The cutting file included with the tutorial will make the Bunny card featured in the video.





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13 thoughts on “Pop and Wobble – Adding Dimension to Your Projects


    hmmm, can’t find the wobble springs either, will try again when there isn’t a storm looming.

  • Cheryl Gerber

    Beautiful cards. Thank you so much for sharing. Please tell me what font that is that you cut “little one” with – its beautiful
    Thanks Chertem

  • Christine Post author

    Misty- you have to sign in to the store to see the Wobble Springs. It is a Craft Room members only special. Sorry- but I don’t know if the free shipping extends overseas.)

  • Christine Post author

    Cheryl, the font is a True Type font called Baby Kruffy. I am sure you can find it free on the internet. It is one of my favorites.

  • Christine Post author

    Sharon, Even if you are logged into the Craft Room you will need to sign in to the store. Look for the words “sign in” in the top right area of the screen.


    Hi Christine, the internet wasn’t loading anything properly last night, but all is well today. I “need” (ie. want!) a few other products as well, so will add wobble springs to that order. They look like fun.

  • Deborah MacDonald

    Hi Christine,
    I went to the store & signed in, but it said that the crafty special had expired? I searched the site for them as well & it said product not found. Is there another place that the wobble springs can be purchased?

  • Amanda

    The wobble springs were so popular that we have already sold out! Keep an eye out though because we will have more specials on awesome product in the future!

  • inkyfingers

    This is so gorgeous! But I can’t find the file for the bunny card by the video. Is the file still available please? Thanks for your help, Viv