Glass Etching: September 16 and 17

If you missed the class, here are the links to the archives.

Sunday Evening Session

Monday Morning Session      

Monday Afternoon Session (my apologies, I did not record Monday Afternoon Session)
We will be learning to create our own masks and then etch on a glass or plate. This is a really fun project and is great for gifts. So get an early start on your holiday projects by learning to etch today.

Classes are on Sunday at 7pm, Monday at 5am and Monday at 1pm. All times are CST (Chicago time zone). If you are not sure what time that is in your location, go to the World Time Conversion site to see what time you will join us. To join, simply go to Klo’s Classroom, then Enter Classroom and sign in as a guest.




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9 thoughts on “Glass Etching: September 16 and 17

  • Victoria Kee

    Great! I bought the clear dishes from the Dollar Tree….about a year ago….along with the etching cream. They are all stored away…never touched. This might actually motivate me to make some neat Christmas presents!

  • September Whisenant

    Yippee! I too have bought etching cream that I haven’t used yet. I’m sure this class will help me feel more confident about the process and motivated to get started. Looking forward to it!

  • Judith Bettencourt

    cool. I have all the materials. I wonder if this technique would also work with the enamel paints that you paint on ceramics and bake?

  • Marina Armodie

    Can someone please give me instructions on how to “enter” Klo’s classroom? I want to be in on the glass etching one. Thanks.

  • Cecilia Escobar

    Help me when I do get an email stating the new classes, I get little clear communication from you, and I find it difficult to open a video in the past, I would like to know the reason for in monthly payments am daily.
    thanks your answer. regards

  • Vickey Stauffer

    I’ve been etching glass for over 20 years. Before my Pazzles it meant marking the design on contact paper and painstakingly cutting each intricate line by hand. Sometime it would take hours to simply cut the design. Last month I etched two mirrors in one afternoon — start to finish. So easy now.

  • Nancy Klamut-Kurycz

    I have done etching for a while. It think it was one of the main reasons for getting my Insperation. Glass sets make fantastic gifts!

  • Marina Armodie

    Hi Monica, thank you for the link. I was able to watch Klo’s video. Great stuff, glass etching. Also to let Klo know that my etchall is also black. I haven’t used it in years either, but will stir it and use it when I get to do some etching! Thank you all.