Make Your Own Tags

Halloween Costume Contest Tags Pazzles Inspiration Pen ToolYou have got to love tags! They are such a simple idea and yet they can add so much to a project. Tags can stand alone on a gift or be the accent to a card or page. They can be made plain and simple out of solid or print card stock or they can be over-the-top with layers of paper and dimensional flowers. Whether the tag is basic or elaborate they all start with a simple shape. Maybe that is why we love them… they are so uncomplicated.

In today’s tutorial video I show you how to make 10 tags in 10 short minutes using just a few tools in the Inspiration Studio Software. We are also introducing a new video format for some of the tutorials. Michelle and I will be working together in a more informal atmosphere. I hope you like it because we sure had fun doing it! Keep watching for more Creating with Chris and Michelle videos coming soon.

In the meantime, have fun with the tags in the video and don’t forget to share your projects in the Craft Room Gallery.

~ Chris


Learn how to make simple tags that can be used for gifts or added to scrapbook pages and cards. You will be shown the techniques for creating 10 different tags that can be resized to fit any need. You can also combine two or more tags for an even more elaborate look.




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8 thoughts on “Make Your Own Tags

  • Brenda Adams

    Every time I click on to watch now it jumps back up the top of the page…I still can’t seem to watch the newer videos…I’ll figure this out yet!

  • Christine Post author

    Brenda, if you haven’t talked to Dave here at Pazzles yet, be sure to call in. He will try to help you solve the video issues.

    p.s.- have you upgraded your Quicktime software yet?

  • Brenda Adams

    I’ve tried to link onto them with their help… and I ran into problems there I’m sure about the update…I’ll have to check that one also…I updated the flash one… thanks for the help…

  • David

    Brenda, I would love to help you through this. Please call or email me and I will find a solution for you. 🙂

  • Christine Post author

    Make sure you have updated your QuickTime software. If you can hear the sound you are half way there. Not much help, I know, but maybe that is all you need to do. Also, try letting the entire video load for 10 minutes and try watching it after it loads.

  • paula hook

    I like the new format. We get to see you as well as hear you and it’s more personal. Thanks, as always, for your ideas and help!

  • Lee Leytem

    Love the new format! I really like seeing the finished product with the tutorial. And, I agree, it does make it more personal seeing you, as well as hearing you. The voice and lip movement were off at first, but couldn’ve been from my end. Were worked fine at the end of video. Finally, thank you for the fun tutorial. I am truly inspired. Have always loved tags and this has fueled the imagination even more! Thank you.