Pazzles 2GB USB Thumb Drive with ‘Charmers’ cutting files!

Charmers Pazzles USB 2GB with Lanyard Crafty Shopper Special

Snow Card Snowflake Charm Pazzles USB 2GBOur new members-only Crafty Shopper Special packs a double-whammy! Not only will you get a Pazzles 2GB USB Thumb Drive with a black ribbon lanyard, but you’ll get the entire ‘Charmers’ cutting file set.

The Charmers images were created especially for the Pazzles Inspiration debut on HSN and were never released anywhere else. This is your first and only chance to get these files! Charmers includes 77 dangling charm files, including an entire alphabet, and two gable boxes. There are so many creative possibilities for using charms in holiday projects, on tags, and more!

Normally, a Pazzles Image CD would cost over $20, and, of course, CDs aren’t reusable like a thumb drive! Which makes this Crafty Shopper Special a great deal at only $7.95 including free shipping in the US. Buy it now because this Special ends on December 7th, or when supplies run out!

To purchase this special offer enter the store, log in with your paid membership account, and then click on Crafty Shopper Specials in the menu. Here’s a PDF tutorial on logging in to the store and accessing the members-only Crafty Shopper Specials.

Note: Crafty Shopper Specials are savings deals we provide as part of Craft Room Membership. To access the deal, you must be logged in to the Pazzles Store. We can only offer free shipping within the US. For international orders, please call Pazzles at 1-208-922-3558.




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26 thoughts on “Pazzles 2GB USB Thumb Drive with ‘Charmers’ cutting files!

  • Sharon Caldwell

    It won’t let me go to order page. It keeps telling me access denied. What do I need to do to get to the order page?

  • Amanda_H Post author

    Hi Julie, are you a Craft Room Member? Our Crafty Shopper Specials are for full members only. You must be logged in to the store at with your paid membership account to access the special. Hope that helps!

  • Julie Flanagan

    Yep, I am a new member, and logged in with my paid membership account. Not sure what the problem is.

  • Brenda Adams

    Try clicking on the shop tab…log on….then go to the crafty shopper special… add it to your cart and then check out…I tried it first by clicking onto buy here now and that didn’t work…. hope this helps…

  • michellep

    I believe the problem is occuring as you click the link and go to the store without being logged in. I’ve removed the link and provided new instructions to purchase. I’m so sorry for the confusion!
    Enter the store-log in-click on Crafty Shopper Specials and you should see it show up.

  • Amanda_H Post author

    Julie, The system that runs the store is different from the system that runs the membership. If you just re-started your membership, it might take it a few hours to sync up (it’s a database thing). I’d try it again today. Sorry about the delay.

  • Sharon V Rausch

    This is a great file. I have it, it came with my purchase from HSN. Who ever doesn’t have this file I do recommend buying it.

  • Brenda Adams

    Sharon I bet I had these too at one time…cause I bought my Pazzles from HSN when it first came out??? But those would of been on my old hard drive… things we for get…lol …when we loose our computers

  • Julie Flanagan

    I still am denied access to the Crafty Shopper Special, even after logging in and trying all of the suggestions. I get this message when selecting the Crafty Shopper Special:
    There are no available products under this category

  • michellep

    We still have a few of these available! Click on store-log in at the top of the store-select Crafty Shopper Special and you should be able to purchase them. I just checked and these steps work. Make sure you are logging in to the actual store, not just the forum side of the Craft Room.

  • Amanda_H Post author

    Hi everybody!

    We are still having some syncing delays for membership accounts between the membership system and the store system. Newer accounts might have trouble accessing the Specials. If this is happening to you, please call Tech Support, and they will manually verify your account and activate the store for you. We apologize for the inconvenience and the delay. We hope this issue will be fixed with a database update in the future. [Julie, Lilibeth, and Melody, I have fixed your accounts. Sorry it wasn’t synced up!]

    Since some others are still having trouble logging in, I created a PDF screenshot tutorial on how to do it. I added it to the post above, it’s the bold orange link at the bottom. I’ll post the link here too: If you are a paid member and that tutorial is not working for you, we will need to re-sync your membership account. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for being patient with us.

    Isn’t technology fun!?! 🙂


  • Sharon V Rausch

    It is a soft ware DVD extra that came with the purchase of the Inspiration and other DVD’s that came with it. If you have all the Item’s in a safe place you will find the DVD.

  • Patsy McMillan

    I recieved my Thumb drive today and I know I am not the sharpest tack on the block but I can not figure out how to get it to work, can anybody help me out…Thanks

  • Amanda_H Post author

    Is there not an “Install” file on the thumb drive? It will import all the images into the Library inside the Studio Software. Alternatively, you can manually install it by taking the Charmers.pic file and dropping it in to the folder named “Pic” inside the Inspiration Studio Program folder. This video has a description on how to find what I am talking about, if you skip forward to about 2:45 —