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There are just a few days left until the New Year. Take a few moments to reflect on the ones you love, who have meant the most to you in 2012, and what kind of sentiments you can write down to let them know just how much you care. This is a great project that takes a simple photo frame (which I painted in a trendy green) and our chalkboard and wall vinyl to create the perfect message board. Use it to share something sweet with the people you hold close to your heart. I used two different layers of wall vinyl for the saying, which really helps showcase the font, and make it stand out from the paper inside the frame.

If you haven’t tried the chalkboard vinyl yet, you are missing out! You can write on it with standard white chalk, or a chalkboard marker and it erases just like a real chalkboard.The only thing this project is missing is your own special greeting.



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